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Our Best Watch Care Tips

We rely on watches to keep us on track and on time, so it is imperative that timepieces remain in top shape and working as expected. In order to keep them functioning smoothly, watches require a little love and attention, both from their owners and from professionals who take pride in servicing and cleaning them. With a wide variety of watch styles and complications available, it is important to be aware that different watches sometimes require unique care. Knowing your model and its specific care requirements will ensure that it keeps functioning like new. Read on to learn important tips for increasing the longevity of your timepiece.

Cleaning and Winding

Watches with a quartz movement do not require daily winding, however, if a timepiece has an automatic movement, it will regularly need to be wound to guarantee top performance. Whether you need to wind your watch or not, regular cleaning is essential to eliminating dirt and grime from dulling the exterior. Cleaning it with a soft, damp cloth is a great way to keep the dirt at bay, but to avoid potential water damage, head to a local jeweler, such as Rogers Jewelry Co., for professional cleaning. Experts recommend this service every two to three years for a mechanical watch and three to four years for a quartz movement.

Gaskets and Seals

Water is guaranteed to damage the intricate inner workings of your watch if it is not designed to be waterproof. We recommend removing your timepiece during water sports and activities like washing dishes. Even waterproof watches offer no absolute guarantee that moisture won't sneak in over time. The gaskets and seals that protect it can wear down, putting the delicate gears and springs at risk. To keep them in shape be sure to have a professional do regular inspections to ensure that nothing needs to be replaced. If you do notice that water has leaked into your watch—a foggy face is a good clue—take it to a professional to assess and repair any damage.

Find Your Next Watch at Rogers Jewelry Co.

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