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Triton Jewelry at Rogers Jewelry Co.

About Triton

Since 1989, Triton has been sculpting men’s wedding bands with an eye turned toward inventiveness, creativity, and alternative luxury. The materials and styles that Triton has mastered over 30 years reflects an aesthetic of masculinity that’s ideal for any man looking to express his own personal style. With choices ranging from wood to exotic carbides, Triton rings are synonymous with exceptional taste and technological supremacy. Here at Rogers Jewelry Co., Triton represents one of our preferred brands, and men who visit our showrooms are sure to find something that fascinates them when they browse the collections on display.

Popular Triton Collections at Rogers Jewelry Co.

The big trait that sets Triton wedding bands apart is their commitment to tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is a metal-like molecule made from the metal tungsten and carbon, and when crafted into a useful shape, it proves to be twice as stiff and as dense as steel, with a hardness that can only be matched by diamonds. For a man who works with his hands, the wedding bands from the T89 collection promise an unbeatable durability. Plus, Triton offers T89 bands in a variety of different looks, ranging from mysterious black to a bright luster that’s indistinguishable from sterling silver, in addition to textures like brushed metal and repoussé hammering.

Alternatively, if you’re a man who appreciates a little sparkle, Triton offers the Stone collection, whose tungsten carbide bands are set with burnished, channel-set, and deep pave-set diamonds. The modernity of these settings allows the diamonds, including white and black diamonds, to sit safely away from blows. Also, for an unexpected bit of style, the Terra collection offers wood-inlay wedding bands. Are you the kind of man who spends his time hiking in the mountains? Or adores the look of nature? The rich wood and sandblasted naturalism of these bands gives them an organic quality you can appreciate for decades.

Why Shop for Triton at Rogers Jewelry Co.?

Since 1937, Rogers Jewelry Co. has been staying at the forefront of inventive jewelry, and we appreciate Triton because of their willingness to stay at the cutting edge of luxury. A Triton wedding band is a way of expressing one’s bold, forward-facing attitude toward life. However, don’t overlook our other collections of men’s wedding bands or the women’s wedding bands we offer at our showrooms. And definitely don’t forget about the remarkable diamond engagement rings we showcase at Rogers Jewelry Co.! If you’d like to find out more about Triton bands, contact us on our website or visit any of our eight showrooms, located in Modesto, San Luis Obispo, Bakersfield, Folsom, Fresno, Elk Grove, or Visalia, California; as well as Reno, Nevada!