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About Seiko

“Exquisite.” That’s what the word “Seiko” means in Japanese. And that’s the perfect word to describe the timepieces that Seiko produces.

Founded in 1881, this jewel of Japanese engineering would soon become the driver of a revolution in watchmaking that would change the world forever. Seiko was the first company to produce a quartz watch by utilizing a carved quartz fork, an integrated circuit, and a step motor to create a truly innovative electric watch. Of course, Seiko’s innovation didn’t end there; this company also designed the first watch to be worn during an external spacewalk. At Rogers Jewelry Co., we’re proud to bring the phenomenal engineering and aesthetics of Seiko watches to men and women with truly discerning tastes.

Popular Seiko Collections at Rogers Jewelry Co.

One of the most popular collections from Seiko is one of their most advanced: The Seiko Coutura collection is distinguished by the bold swoops and chevrons that make up the watch’s design and its band’s, as well as the gold accents that can be found on most of the collection’s pieces. Solar powered, these watches harmonize the dependability of a quartz watch with the eco-friendliness and utility of an endless power source. These watches exude retro cool in their tonneau-shaped cases, and their rolling date counters attests to their exceptional engineering.

For men, the traditional gold bezels, NATO bands, sans serif numerals, and the touch of leather will be eminently familiar to any man who ever admired his grandfather’s timepiece. Women will adore the Seiko Core watches with mother of pearl dials, diamond numerals, and slender square cases built around beautiful Art Nouveau serif numerals.

Why Shop for Seiko at Rogers Jewelry Co.?

Rogers Jewelry Co. has been in business since 1937. Since then, our admiration for Seiko innovation has only grown, and we’re proud to say that we’re an authorized dealer for the atelier. Whether you’re a man or woman, if you’re searching for the right mix of beauty and dependability, you can’t do any better than a watch from Seiko. If you’re interested in a Seiko timepiece and you’d like to learn more about them, visit our “Contact Us” page, or stop by one of the Rogers Jewelry Co. showrooms in California or Reno, Nevada!