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Characteristics of Rogers Jewelry Co. Designs

We at Rogers Jewelry Co. have been purveyors of fine jewelry for over 80 years. Having sold innumerable collections by a variety of excellent designers, we can safely say that we know jewelry. Now, with our own signature collections, we can prove it. We have designed a myriad of beautiful pieces that are sure to inspire the beholder and provide a touch of pure luxury to any ensemble. Our collection contains everything someone could wish for from brilliant heart pendants to romantic engagement rings. No matter one’s taste, they are sure to find pieces that exceed their wildest expectations with our jewelry.

Popular Rogers Jewelry Co. Collections

We are especially proud of our diamond pendants. These necklaces showcase the majesty and brilliance of this most legendary gemstone. Many of these are used in heart motifs that allow one to show off their romantic spirit through glitter and glamor. We also carry many pieces to allow one to present their faith and devotion using lustrous stones and white gold. Other pieces are more abstract and fashion-forward, such as a trio of diamonds placed in a spiral pattern. Our bracelets exhibit a marvelous array of colors that are perfect for adding a splash of delight to any outfit.

We also offer a variety of gorgeous earrings designed specifically to show off radiant gems. Many are diamond studs that can accent an outfit with a fiery, luminescent glow. They are also great for effortless fashion, meshing well with any casual or formal ensemble. As a jeweler, we are particularly pleased to present our enchanting engagement and fashion rings. One exquisite ring for men has intricate 14k rose gold details on the inside of a 14k white gold band. We also offer plenty of dazzling engagement rings that are excellent for making the ultimate in romantic commitments.

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While we at Rogers Jewelry Co. have our incredible in-house line of jewelry, we also offer a peerless variety of luxury jewelry designers. Not only do we have bracelets, necklaces, earrings, fashion rings, and bridal jewelry, but we also offer high-end timepieces. With several successful locations all across California and Nevada, we have proven that we provide the ultimate shopping experience. To better serve our customers, we also offer expert jewelry repair as well as custom design options to ensure that our communities have every one of their dreams fulfilled. Find a store near you today to learn more about us and our selection.