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When To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Typically, engagement rings are upgraded on milestone anniversaries. But as we say: There's no better time to upgrade your engagement ring than the present! When your ring was first bought from the store, you were at a relatively early stage of your relationship. Now, after a few successful years, you likely have a larger budget and a better idea of what your spouse likes.

Upgrade to a Larger Diamond

Often, we have to settle. Sometimes, we can't get the giant high-quality diamond of our dreams. But now, things may be different. Reserve an appointment with a specialist to learn more about our selection of loose diamonds. We likely can offer a larger diamond to mount into your setting. Note that, depending on your diamond, you may be able to trade it in to help increase your budget.

Change to a Different Diamond Shape

While all diamond shapes are beautiful, some may be more desirable to you than others. For example, the round cut is often the most expensive because it is in high demand. If you could not afford one when you were initially picking an engagement ring, now is the time. Here are a few you may not have considered.

  • Cushion Cut: The aptly named cushion cut resembles a pillow, although it does lack the same softness. They are rectangular in shape with rounded corners, reflecting light in all directions.
  • Emerald Cut: These chic and slender diamonds are long and rectangular. They are exceptional at showcasing a high-end diamond, as they allow the viewer to inspect the stone better. In the same way, though, they reveal a diamond's flaws as well.
  • Oval Cut: For a more eccentric look, go with this shape. The oval cut has almost the same brilliance as the round cut, but with a more eccentric and distinctive aesthetic.

Add Extra Diamonds

Many people's first ring is more on the minimalist side, owing to their accessibility. Imbuing them with diamonds is an easy and direct route to upgrading a ring. Accent diamonds are an exceptional way to lend radiance and light. Be it in a halo or a pave setting, jewelry brands are always coming out with fresh settings to elevate a ring's spectacular style. Upgrade your ring with more glamorous gemstones guaranteed to dazzle and delight. Adding diamonds also symbolizes how love shines brighter over time.

Change the Setting

The least expensive ring is a solitaire. While there's something to be said about their understated elegance, an upgrade demands something more spectacular.

  • Halo Setting: This classic setting lends radiance to the center stone by surrounding it with diamonds. There are plenty of varieties of halos, including hidden halos for a more atypical look.
  • Side Stone Setting: On side stone settings, the shank is fitted with diamonds. These are usually in a pave or channel setting - lines of diamonds that evoke an enchanting and luxurious aesthetic.
  • Three Stone Setting: Three stones are said to represent the past, present, and future of a relationship by adding two gemstones that flank the center stone. While most use diamonds, some break the mold by showing off sapphires and other colorful gemstones.

Use a Different Type of Metal

Most focus on the diamond in the engagement ring, but the precious metal is what makes jewelry work. For an upgrade, consider getting a higher karat material or a different alloy entirely.

  • Yellow Gold: This spectacular metal is one of the most classic. Yellow gold is a symbol of wealth and luxury due to its extravagant hue.
  • White Gold: When yellow gold is mixed with silver, rhodium, and other metals, it makes white gold. This material is beloved by those who love the more minimalist hue silver but want something a bit fancier.
  • Rose Gold: While non-traditional, rose gold exudes an air of femininity. Its pink color comes from the addition of copper to yellow gold, which is durable and hypoallergenic.
  • Platinum: Among the most expensive precious metals used in jewelry, platinum is rare and stunning. Platinum is durable and sophisticated. It doesn't require the occasional redipping process that white gold does.

Upgrade Your Engagement Ring at Rogers Jewelry Co.

Find something new at Rogers Jewelry Co. in the favored showrooms of California and Nevada. Our large selection of loose diamonds and engagement ring settings ensures that everyone finds their dream ring at one of our magnificent showrooms. We are confident we can grant you true luxury whether you're in Modesto, San Luis Obispo, Bakersfield, Folsom, Fresno, Elks Grove, or Reno. Find a jewelry store near you today.