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Watch Styles Guide

Watch Styles Guide

A luxury timepiece is more than a simple means of telling time, it is a worthwhile investment. Watches can be chosen for their style, their function, or even for their value as part of a collection. While there are numerous types of watches to choose from, understanding the four main styles can make your search for the perfect timepiece much easier. Our expert watch styles guide is a great place to start to ensure that your watch search is a fun and enjoyable process.

Watch Styles Guide

Dress Watches

Dress watches are meant to complement a man's outfit for formal events. With limited options for accessories, men can pay special attention to choosing an ideal watch that enhances their look and matches their personal style. A dress watch can transition seamlessly from the office to a night out. These watches are often sleek and slim, made from elegant materials and serving the primary purpose of telling time rather than having additional complications that add bulk to the silhouette.

Watch Styles Guide

Dive Watches

Dive watches have gained incredible popularity over the years with watch connoisseurs, from serious divers to fashion-conscious gentlemen who enjoy the bold look of these highly technical timepieces. Water resistance, glow-in-the-dark numbers and dials, and rotating bezels are all key components of a true dive watch. Designed for safety, durability, and reliability, these watches are valued for their exceptional quality. They are ideal for the man who lives an active, outdoors lifestyle and wants a timepiece that can double as a fashion statement in the boardroom.

Pilot Watches

Pilot watches were originally created to meet the needs of the aviation industry. Before computers did all the work for pilots, any tool that could make flying safer and easier was much appreciated. Equipped with larger than standard crowns (to make it easier for pilots to adjust for time zones when wearing flight gloves), pilot watches often have additional complications like chronographs, tachymeters, and dual time zone dials. These complications are not just useful but great additions for any watch aficionado who enjoys these features.

Watch Styles Guide

Racing Watches

Racing watches have been quite popular since the 1930s when drivers required an accurate way to time their races. Hallmarks of this style of watches include chronographs and tachymeters, as well as large, readable dials. The chronometer, which works like a stopwatch, and the tachymeter, which converts time into speed, make these technical watches highly prized by sports enthusiasts. Modern racing watches are also made with high-quality materials with sophisticated designs, making them popular fashion choices as well.

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