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Introduction To Engagement Ring Metals

There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic. Among the most important of these factors is metal type. More goes into choosing metal type than just which color most appeals to you. Our experts at Rogers Jewelry Co. have put together a guide to picking the metal type that best suits your needs.

Popular Engagement Ring Metal Types

Among the most popular metal types used in modern engagement rings are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Yellow gold is the metal chosen most often for engagement rings as it offers a warm hue and timeless allure. Platinum is more durable and the silver sheen adds to the brilliance of a diamond. Those that want the cool tone of platinum at a lower price point might favor white gold while a bride with a proclivity for the unique and romantic may opt for rose gold.


The ability to resist damage and discoloration is an important characteristic for your engagement ring to have. Platinum is one of the rarest and most luxurious metals used in modern jewelry, which makes it more expensive than gold or sterling silver. However, it is also the densest, which makes it incredibly durable. Gold by itself is quite a bit softer than platinum and is commonly combined with other alloys to take on a stronger form. Those who prefer warmer tones as well as a lower cost of yellow, white, and rose gold should opt for 14k bands.


It is important to consider how the metal you choose for your engagement ring will fit into the rest of your wardrobe. If you typically stick to cool colors and tend to wear a lot of silver jewelry, a platinum or white gold ring will meld easily into your collection without clashing with the pieces you wear on a daily basis. If you wear a lot of warm neutrals or even bright primary colors like yellow and red, yellow or rose gold are great options.

Skin Sensitivity

Those with skin sensitivities must take into consideration the type of metal that will not cause an adverse reaction in their skin. If certain pieces of jewelry leave your skin red and sore or spotted with rashes, you likely have a sensitivity to metal. This can be easily avoided in your engagement ring by choosing a hypoallergenic metal such as platinum or palladium. Palladium is less often used in engagement rings than platinum but is similar in appearance. It is a more budget-friendly option because it is less dense than platinum.

Shop Engagement Rings At Rogers Jewelry Co.

We at Rogers Jewelry Co. will be overjoyed to assist you in your search for the perfect engagement ring that encapsulates the eternal love you share with your partner. We offer a variety of styles from renowned brands such as A.JAFFE and Hearts On Fire that come in a variety of metals. Allow our team of professionals to assist you in choosing the metal that is right for you. Stop by one of our pristine showrooms, or contact us at info@thinkrogers.com for more information on our products and services.