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Designer Rings at Rogers Jewelry Co. in California and Nevada

Since 1937, Rogers Jewelry Co. has been the place to go for those looking for rings—fashion rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, and even custom ring designs! Our decades of experience have given us the know-how and discretion to pick out the top designers from the chaff. This means that no matter your needs and personal aesthetic tastes, you’ll find the ring of your dreams when you visit any of our showrooms in California and Nevada.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are symbols for one of the most remarkable moments in a couple’s life. They’re a piece of precious metal and jewels forged into an artifact symbolizing an eternity of love and commitment. So, when you’re looking for an engagement ring, why settle for anything less than perfection? At Rogers Jewelry Co., we showcase luxury engagement rings from the top designers, such as A.JAFFE, ArtCarved, Hearts On Fire, Scott Kay, and Sylvie. With choices ranging from the vintage-inspired to the modern, you can find a diamond-studded piece of gracefulness when you browse the collections at our showrooms.

Choosing the Perfect Ring

There are two major methods of getting an engagement ring. The first comes from a man and his partner sitting down to discuss getting married. This route allows a man and woman to discuss the minutiae of the marriage, including the style and look of the engagement ring. Grab a notebook and discuss the big questions that come with the diamond engagement ring: Figure out her ideal metal, whether it’s gold or platinum, the diamond shape she wants as the center stone, the side stones, her preferred colored gems, and the overall style of the ring. Of course, don’t forget to ask about her ring size—something that can be overlooked if you’re not paying attention!

Alternatively, a man can surprise his lady by popping the question. This is a viable option for a man who knows his lady well enough to understand her style. Before you get down on one knee at a lovely restaurant, though, you need to know her ring size. If you don’t know it off the top of your head, then you can borrow a ring from your lady’s jewelry box. Stick to rings she won’t miss, then bring it into a Rogers Jewelry Co. showroom. Sizing rings is something our staff does every day!

Wedding Bands for Men and Women

Once you’ve gotten engaged to be married, the next ring on the table is the wedding band. The unique thing about wedding bands is that both men and women wear them, which opens a whole world of style possibilities. For example, we offer hundreds of different wedding bands for men and women from the same remarkable designers who sculpt our engagement rings. In addition to the pairing options between engagement ring and wedding band, a couple can choose bands that have a symbolic value or complement each other. Black rhodium wedding bands can be paired with white gold bands. Pair black diamonds with white diamonds. Or a modern channel-set band paired with a vintage pave band. The options are endless at Rogers Jewelry Co.!

Financing Options Available at Rogers Jewelry Co.

At Rogers Jewelry Co., we never like seeing couples worrying about money when they should be thinking about the life they’ll share. To that end, we offer competitive financing plans to our customers to give them peace of mind when they’re buying their rings of choice. We offer no-interest payment plans as well as flexible long-term financing options to suit your needs!

Ask About Our Custom Jewelry Design Services

At Rogers Jewelry Co., we benefit from the skills and passion of our Director of Design, David Kirk. Mr. Kirk has been a luminary of the Rogers Jewelry Co. family for over 23 years, and he leads all of our custom design projects. You never have to worry about having a ring dream that’s too “out of the box,” because Mr. Kirk and our team live for unusual and whimsical projects.

Whether you’re looking for bridal jewelry that reflects your intimate relationship or a fashion ring that adds a special something to your wardrobe, have custom rings designed at any of our showrooms in Modesto, San Luis Obispo, Bakersfield, Folsom, Fresno, Elk Grove, and Visalia, California or Reno, Nevada!