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Characteristics of Natural Diamonds

A diamond is a symbol of luxury, sophistication, and beauty. They are the hardest material on earth, made of perfectly arranged carbon. Diamonds form in the Earth’s mantle below the surface. Over millions of years, high temperatures and pressure cause the formation of these brilliant gemstones. Magma flows push them closer to the surface, where they are mined. Diamonds were originally discovered in India, but they were eventually found in other regions like Russia, Canada, and Botswana. Due to how they are formed, natural diamonds sometimes have flaws or “inclusions.” These inclusions make them each unique.

Natural vs Lab-Created

To understand the differences between natural and laboratory-grown diamonds, one must understand how lab diamonds are made. There are two main ways they are grown. In one way, a tiny diamond (or “diamond seed”) is placed in a machine. Carbon gas is pumped into the machine, which is then superheated to a plasma state. Carbon accumulates on the diamond, making the seed grow into a jewelry-ready size. The other method reflects nature in some ways, using high temperatures and pressure in a factory setting to grow jewels. Both result in perfect, identical diamonds.

Why Choose a Natural Stone?

While lab-grown stones are perfect, they are not as unique as their natural counterparts. Each mined diamond is a work of art with its own distinct personality. Gems like sapphires and garnets are actually diamonds with “flaws” that change their color. Due to their uniqueness, natural stones are more suitable for romantic pieces. They can reflect the relationship between two people, a beautiful and one-of-a-kind miracle that lasts forever. No matter how identical lab-grown diamonds claim to be, they just do not have the same personality and individuality that natural-mined jewels do.

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