Peridot Birthstone Jewelry at Rogers Jewelry Company

An Introduction to the Peridot

Chemically, peridot is made from magnesium, iron, and silicon dioxide. The gemstone we call “peridot” is just a translucent version of the mineral olivine. While peridot is relatively rare, olivine makes up about 50 percent of Earth’s upper mantle (the liquid stone and metal directly underneath the Earth’s crust). However, when olivine-peridot comes to the surface, it very quickly weathers away into grains, making it a rare and treasured event to find large amounts of gem-quality peridot on the surface!

With a history that goes back to ancient Egypt, modern English may ultimately take the name “peridot” from an older Arabic word. Long mistaken for topaz or emerald, the unique traits of peridot were only truly isolated a few centuries ago. Today, the incomparable electric green color of peridot can be admired by any jewelry lover, and its special qualities represent the birthstone for August children.

Peridot can be found in any standard cut but are frequently found in the form of trilliant-cut side stones whose dazzling green makes a fascinating counterpoint to something like a white diamond. Also, because of their gloriously rich color, peridot is one of the gemstones that can be made into a cabochon without losing something in the process. Cabochon peridot makes a glamorous addition to necklaces, earrings and fashion rings. One thing to note, however, is that peridot is a relatively soft stone (6 on the Mohs scale vs. diamond’s 10 on the same scale), and there’s an increased risk of cracking or chipping if it’s in a piece of jewelry exposed to a lot of stress.

Thus, the peridot connoisseur may enjoy the stone most in the form of earrings, where they’ll draw every eye in the room without being subject to a lot of physical impacts.

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