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Fire & Ice Founder Bart Marks Featured on TV Show Worldwide Business With Kathy Ireland

December 5th, 2018

Fire & Ice Founder Bart Marks Featured on TV Show Worldwide Business With Kathy Ireland

Fire & Ice diamonds have quickly become a popular choice for fine jewelry lovers due to their superior fire and brilliance. So, it was only fitting that the company was featured on the television show Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland in October.

Ireland, a model-turned-businesswoman with experience in fine jewelry, devoted a segment to talking with Fire & Ice founder Bart Marks. There, he explained how the company’s proprietary diamond cutting process yields stones that are bigger, brighter, and whiter than diamonds from other top brands.

Watch the video below:

Marks also emphasized that the beauty of each diamond is a marvel of nature in itself. “Every diamond is different,” he says in the segment. “Every diamond has a story to tell.”

As the brother of Rogers Jewelry Co. president Robert Marks and a Rogers Jewelry senior executive in his own right, Bart Marks grew up around fine jewelry and diamonds. He realized how much misinformation about these gemstones made its way to diamond shoppers, so he founded the Fire & Ice brand to improve on the industry’s standards and to re-educate customers on what truly matters when it comes to their diamonds.

In keeping with this belief, Marks created a series of videos debunking six of the most common myths people believe about diamonds and the buying process. Watch them all on Fire & Ice’s website.

To learn more about the Fire & Ice diamonds and jewelry lines, contact Rogers Jewelry Co. at (209) 527-8713 or by emailing contact@thinkrogers.com.

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