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Update from Rogers Jewelry Co

March 19th, 2020

To Our Valued Customers,

As many of you know, Governor Newsom issued a Stay-At-Home order for the entire state of California effective yesterday evening (3-19-2020). To comply with the order we suspended daily store operations until the Stay-At-Home order is lifted. We know that there will be many questions and concerns, so we would like to address some of them.

If you have an item in for a repair or an order that is ready to be picked up, it is locked safely away in our vault. The security of our clients’ valuables is paramount. It will be available for delivery as soon as the Stay-At-Home order is lifted. In the event you have an occasion that cannot be missed, we would like to make an accommodation if possible. In this event please contact me directly at Jason@thinkrogers.com, we would like to make your event possible if circumstances allow.

If you have an inspection due on your jewelry, we are extending the time for you to get it inspected. We will offer a 30 day grace period from the day we reopen. We feel this will allow you the opportunity to visit at a time of your convenience. Your warranty will remain active during this period. Wear and enjoy your jewelry.

Extended Service Plan renewals that are due during the closure will be renewable once we reopen. If it expires during the Stay-At-Home order, you will have 30 days to renew it once we reopen. Your protections and services will be intact during this time.

Payments can be made online at thinkrogers.com by selecting the Bill Pay Icon in the top right corner or by calling our credit department at 1-800-877-4221

If you have questions, we have a chat available on our website at thinkrogers.com. At the moment we have reduced staff so a reply could be slightly delayed, however all inquiries will receive a reply. You can also email us at contact@thinkrogers.com

Our concern is for the health and well-being of our coworkers, families, communities and our country. It is our hope that we emerge stronger than ever. We will reopen as soon as the Stay-At-Home order is lifted. For the time being take care of one another and stay safe.

With Gratitude,

Rogers Jewelry Co.