Which Diamond Shape is Right for You?

January 25th, 2022

The centerpiece for any engagement ring, and many fashion rings, is a diamond. Arguably the most famous of gemstones, these neutral gems shine like no other. They can be cut in many ways, every cut offers a unique blend of aesthetics and brilliance. Each of these diamond shapes is perfect for someone, and that someone might be you.

The Classic Round

Round cut diamonds are the most common and classic shape. They reflect the most light. These are cut with 58 facets through techniques carefully developed for over a century. Most diamond engagement rings are cut in this style, and as such it has the most options for designs. From the classic, elegant solitaire to more elegant and bold shanks, there is a variety of ring styles made just for round cut diamonds.

This cut is perfect for anyone who wants a reflective diamond. It is also great for anyone who wants a versatile ring, as many pieces are made just to show off these round gems. For those who like a classic and vintage style, the round-cut is also ideal.

The Extraordinary Princess

Coming in second place in popularity is the princess cut diamond. These gems have a distinctive square shape and are sometimes referred to as “square modified brilliant.” They are lively, with an exquisite contrast between light and dark if rocked back and forth. As its name conveys, they have a balance of femininity and sharpness.

Princess cut diamonds are excellent for those who prefer a modern aesthetic. Its clean lines and crisp angles give it that iconic look. This cut also helps hide flaws in the gem, so it can be great for more accessible diamonds.

The Eccentric Oval

Oval cut diamonds are brilliant elongated gems. Their unique and eccentric shape has the benefit of a greater surface, which allows for a stunning display when viewed from many angles. These pieces are fantastically romantic and feminine with their slender and sophisticated curves.

The oval cut is the ultimate fit for someone who seeks a refined and graceful shape. Ovals also look great with halos and other accents that easily elevate a ring with this center stone shape to heir-loom quality. For someone who wants the brilliance of a round cut, but does not want to be average, the oval is a beautiful choice.

The Elegant Emerald

Named after the rich green stone, emerald cut diamonds have elongated facets. They are among the rarest cuts available. The purpose of these long lines is to make the gem look larger. It is especially important to get a high clarity grade, at least G, with this cut, as these diamonds show off the beauty of their clean angles.

Emerald cuts are great for anyone who wants to show off a large, high-quality diamond. For these purposes, a solitaire setting is ideal. This cut is also ideal for a sophisticated, art deco look. This rare cut does the trick to declare your love with clear intentions and beautiful framing.

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