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What is a Hidden Halo? Introducing the New Bridal Jewelry Trend

June 21st, 2021

hidden halo rings

For fans of brilliance and fire, the classic halo engagement ring is a one-of-a-kind beauty. This shimmering ring of diamonds encircles the center stone giving it a larger-than-life appearance.

As of late, the classic halo ring has been updated to reflect the modern sensibilities of today’s brides. For a subtle yet striking look, the hidden halo design is an elegant and romantic choice for any bride.

What Is a Hidden Halo?

The new hidden halo trend is a welcome surprise for soon-to-be brides. Hidden halos, also called under halos, refer to a ring of diamonds framing the underside of the center stone.

Visible from the side profile of the ring, this subtle detailing provides a flash of brilliance in the most unexpected places. From above, you only notice the center stone in all its glory. From the side, the hidden halo adds a touch of whimsy and radiates warmth wherever it goes.

Within the hidden halo trend, you can find variations in different styles of the setting. The hidden halo can sit beneath the girdle, at the base of the setting, or at the center stone’s midway point. Basically, as long as it sits below the center diamond, it’s considered hidden.

ArtCarved’s Contemporary Collection

ArtCarved’s Contemporary Collection provides you with daring and elegant styles. Explore extraordinary under halo designs that will take your breath away.

engagement ring designs

This exquisite ring features a twisted band design that is immediately captivating. A four-prong setting features a solid and dazzling hidden halo on the base of the center stone. Its minimal prongs allow the center stone to have the spotlight and show off its intriguing shank design.

For a two-tone look, this white and yellow gold ring can capture your love and romance in an elegant design. The inside shank band features a warm and radiant yellow gold frame leading up to the setting. The hidden halo sits at the midway point of the center stone providing an unexpected and striking element.

Explore this split-shank engagement ring featuring a hidden halo rose gold setting that creates a striking contrast with the dazzling white gold look. The hidden halo sits well below the base of the center stone providing a subtle and intriguing surprise.

Explore Hidden Treasures at Rogers Jewelry Co.

Rogers Jewelry Co. is your one-stop shop for the finest hidden halo ring designs. Visit any of our showrooms in California or Nevada to experience an unforgettable customer service experience. We’ll take you through the different bridal trends to help you choose the perfect one for you.