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Tips for the Perfect Holiday Season Engagement

October 15th, 2022

There’s something special about this time of the year. As a whole, the world seems a little more jolly and sentimental. The lights, the sights, the weather, and the music allow for a season that’s uniquely stirring. The atmosphere truly makes it the perfect time to propose marriage. While the cold weather may make outdoor-focused proposals more difficult, there are still plenty of options to choose from. Our team at Rogers Jewelry Co. have put together some fantastic tips to make your holiday proposal a beautiful memory.

First, Check the Weather

No matter what plans you have, devise a backup plan. Winter weather can sometimes be fickle. On sunny days, it will be pleasant enough to have a picnic. When it's bleak and cold out, venturing outdoors can be a difficult experience that will not be great for a proposal.

Unless you’re high up in the mountains, it doesn’t snow often in our neck of the woods. However, check the weather forecast to ensure that your proposal goes off as planned.

Advent Calendar: Countdown to Romance

Advent calendars are a classic tradition, wherein one is given a small gift for every day of December leading up to Christmas. Normally, these calendars come with slots for gifts, traditionally small candies. For a romantic and playful surprise, slip in a beautiful engagement ring on a specific day’s treat. Note that there are variations of advent calendars for other holidays, such as Hanukkah.

It’s also worth noting that you can make one yourself, or contract a professional woodworker to create a memorable piece. After the proposal, you can even keep it to use for future holidays as a personalized tradition that holds so many memories.

An Unforgettable Present

People tend to give gifts during the holiday season. No matter what religion or creed one adheres to, there’s usually some gift-giving taking place as per tradition. While most opt for presents like rock tumblers and sweaters, why not switch it up by offering a lifetime of romance and happiness? It’s sure to make any holiday unforgettable.

There are several options to make this more memorable. You can hide the ring in a puzzle box, hide it in fake packaging, or in any other method your heart desires. It’s highly recommended to have a particularly festive atmosphere to propose in, so set out the decorations.

See the Lights

During the winter, many public parks, gardens, and plazas decorate their displays with a plethora of dazzling lights. Arboretums and botanical gardens offer much in the way of breathtaking vistas to walk through. This holiday season, visit a location near you that is putting on a light display. Bring a particularly lovely diamond engagement ring with enough facets to reflect the light properly. After proposing, celebrate with a hot cocoa to fully enjoy the season and moment.

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