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The Official Rogers Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Guide

February 5th, 2020

Whether you have a significant other or are enjoying the single life, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of the loved ones in your life. While Christmases and birthdays have a bright spotlight on them when the time comes, few occasions call for upscale excellence like the official holiday of love. This goes double for those who choose this time of year as their window of opportunity to make their big move with a marriage proposal.

We’ve decided to help you get a head start this year with our own exclusive Valentine’s Day jewelry gift guide, and not a moment too soon.

Keeping it Simple

If your vessel of love is just setting out on its journey, it may be best to not oversell - you want to come across as dashing and thoughtful, which makes simple jewelry styles the perfect choice. There is plenty to be found in this category, and for budgets of all shapes and sizes. A lovely pair of diamond stud earrings are not only a delectable bit of glam for women of all stylistic persuasions - they’re useful, versatile, eager to join her rotation of everyday favorites, unlike more unusual pieces that rely on a specific style that may not be appropriate all year round.

Something a Little Bit More

Moving our way up the ladder, we come to the middle of the road; your marriage or long-term relationship, lived into, comfortable, worn soft and familiar like a well-travelled road. You’re probably looking to keep things interesting for your significant other, and something run-of-the-mill and forgettable is not an option, not this late in the game.

A high-end bracelet or a necklace can be the perfect gift for any holiday and may be one’s first instinct, especially when shopping for a woman. However, we implore you to consider the possibility of a watch. Whether your partner is male or female, a timepiece is a natural choice for a gift that hits hard and keeps them coming back for more. They’re practical, classy, and easy to incorporate into one’s professional routine.

The Solitaire Engagement Ring: An Iconic Classic

If there’s one thing that absolutely cannot be denied, it’s the intoxicating romance of a diamond solitaire ring. Even if you aren’t quite ready to pop the question formally, a diamond solitaire fashion ring is a very safe choice if you’re looking to pull out all the stops for her this Valentine’s day. In our humble opinions, no Valentine’s Day jewelry gift guide would be complete without it.

Think Rogers When Searching for the Perfect Gift

Give Rogers Jewelry Co. a visit if you’re looking for a memorable gift and need a second opinion. For everything from Valentine’s Day gifts to those oh-so-important “treat yourself” moments in 2020, our jewelry store has more than got you covered in the way of beautiful necklaces, luxury watches, and a full roster of high-end designers. For glam in Central California and Nevada, there simply is no better option.