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Save Gold from Being Ruined

August 5th, 2022

A wonderful glow is emitted from gold jewelry, whether it is yellow, white, rose, or any of the intricate and custom blends designers use to create their pieces. Gold jewelry has persisted throughout cultures since 3000 B.C. Along the way, jewelry experts have learned more about this precious metal and how to maintain its shine and durability for longer-lasting items. Our team at Rogers Jewelry Co. has put together a guide to gold jewelry to help prevent ruining or causing damage to the beautiful pieces that you use to express your personality.

Characteristics of Gold Jewelry

Pure gold is too malleable to be formed into jewelry safely. 22k is as close to pure gold as some designers will use in their jewelry, while 18k and 14k golds are more common. The different numbers are associated with the level of gold versus the metal alloys that have been added for strength and other benefits. Zinc and copper are common metal alloys along with nickel, but not as frequently as many people have skin sensitivities to nickel.

Situations to Avoid Ruining Gold

People always want to wear their gold jewelry to best accentuate their style and as symbolic accessories from loved ones, but there are certain occasions when it is best not to wear your gold items.

Direct sunlight for extended periods can heat up and warp gold rings or bracelets, so they do not fit properly anymore. Sand from the beach can scratch the precious metal. Saltwater and chlorinated water can dull the finish and leave your gold necklaces looking tarnished. Also, there is always the fear one of your gold earrings will come out during a dive or when an unexpected wave rolls in.

At Home Jewelry Care

Take care of your precious items in the comfort of your home with a few simple steps. Oils from your body, dirt, and cosmetic products can create build-up and grime on our beautiful jewelry pieces. Wiping items down after you have worn them all day before storing them in a safe spot will help extend the length between needing more in-depth cleanings.

To give your jewelry an at-home clean, you will need warm water, a gentle soap, and a soft towel. Soak your items in the warm water and soap solution before rinsing each item with cool water, then dry each item carefully to ensure no moisture is left in the crevices of each piece.

Professional Services for Gold Jewelry

Taking your gold pieces to a professional jeweler, such as our talented teams within our Rogers Jewelry Co. showrooms ensures that your jewelry will be carefully and thoroughly cleaned, polished, and repaired if the piece needs it.

Our capable team can also create custom gold jewelry pieces based on your ideas. This will be an incredible gift to give someone you love or even yourself for a wonderful and unique treat. We also buy gold pieces from customers cleaning out their jewelry boxes. Work with one of our talented teams to find the next piece of gold jewelry that matches all of your desires.

Discover Gold Jewelry at Rogers Jewelry Co.

Explore our beautiful gold jewelry selection in our Rogers Jewelry Co. We are honored to house several well-known and sought-after jewelry designers within our comfortable and luxurious showrooms. With over 80 years of experience, our team can confidently maintain and repair your gold pieces along with helping you find gorgeous new jewelry pieces.

Find one of our jewelry stores near you, as we have locations throughout Central California and Reno, Nevada. Experience our exceptional professionals and our lovely items that will greatly add to your personal collection.