Refuting Watch Maintenance Myths

September 20th, 2022

For most luxury watch wearers, maintaining the appearance and functionality of their watch is of the utmost importance. Knowing how to maintain it can be tricky. There are several myths surrounding watch maintenance; while some may sound true, they are often not. Our team at Rogers Jewelry Co. has put together a list of common misconceptions on watch maintenance and how to care for your watch correctly.

Myth #1: Only the Original Brand Can Repair the Watch

While sending your watch to its original manufacturer may seem like the only option, know there are alternatives. For instance, if you’re an owner of a vintage watch, sending your timepiece to the factory may alter the original elements of the watch. Vintage watches are renowned for their originality. Sending it off to a factory will likely result in buffing its original contents: scratches, dents, and defects will be removed, and the watch will lose its vintage charm.

Myth #2: You Need a Watch Winder

Many watch owners are led to believe that you need a watch winder to maintain your timepiece. Watch winders were designed for owners with extensive collections of watches. These tools are designed to wind an automatic watch via rotation perpetually.

While to some, they seem mandatory, the truth is that watches don’t need constant winding. Watch winders are more so catered to those who have extensive watch collections as they cause wear and stress on your timepiece that will cause needs for repairs and replacements. A watch will likely wear much faster with a watch winder than without one.

Myth #3: Natural Oils are the Only Way

Many customers believe natural oils are the only way to maintain their watches. Watch experts would suggest differently. It’s essential to understand how oil functions to make your decision.

Oil is used in watches to ensure the watch's functions are smooth. It allows the instruments inside the watch to work efficiently. Natural oils tend to build up and ultimately ruin the watch's functionality. Synthetic oils can provide clean and efficient movement while avoiding build-up through quick evaporation.

Myth #4: Wear Your Watch Less

A common misconception among watch owners looking to preserve their timepieces is that wearing the watch for special occasions is the only way to preserve it. While the watch is precious and delicate, watches have been designed to operate under extreme conditions and are highly durable.

Your watch should be worn as often as you please. Our luxury watches at Rogers Jewelry Co. are created to last a lifetime. The exquisite timepieces we offer are built with only the finest materials. Should you notice an issue with your watch, our team of specially trained jewelry experts will assist you.

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