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Fabulous Mother’s Day Earrings at Rogers Jewelry Co.

May 5th, 2024

A mother relaxing in the sun on Mother’s Day wearing fine jewelry of gold necklaces, hoop earrings, and rings.

As Mother's Day approaches, we invite you to explore the timeless elegance of diamond stud earrings—a gift as enduring as a mother's love. Our curated collection within our Rogers Jewelry Co. showrooms caters to moms of all aesthetics, from the classic minimalist to the discerning trendsetter. With unparalleled craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence, we're your destination for finding the perfect token of appreciation. Join us on a journey of elegance and emotion as we celebrate the extraordinary women who enrich our lives, one diamond stud at a time.

Incredible Dangly Two-Tone Earrings

Add a bubbly accessory to any mom’s style when you gift her these gorgeous two-tone dangly white and yellow earrings from our Rogers collection of fine jewelry. The spiraling design of the two different precious metals will add an incredible amount of detail even to the most simple outfits. Lightweight and made to last, these earrings will make a great gift that they will be able to wear for years.

A dazzling pair of round cut 1 carat stud earrings.

Classic Carat Diamond Studs

Traditionally beloved, diamond stud earrings go with everyone’s style. A dazzling pair of round brilliant cut 1 carat stud earrings is a great gift for when you don’t know what to get her. The sparkle will perfectly frame her smile and they can be worn daily or for special occasions. Set in white gold, these earrings highlight how wonderful the mom in your life truly is, and shows appreciation for everything that she takes care of for her family. 

split diamond white gold hoops

Sophisticated Diamond Hoop Earrings

Strong mothers deserve to display their strong personalities with beautiful jewelry. These split diamond white gold hoops are modern yet still retain the classic beauty that makes hoop earrings so desirable. Give the moms something this year that will remind them that they are a star in your world with a pair of earrings that will shine brightly. These hoops with the diamonds prong set all along the edge will be a great gift that any mom will enjoy wearing throughout the year. 

white and yellow gold hoops

Charming White and Yellow Gold Hoops

Embrace the duality of what it means to be a mother by giving her a set of earrings that will go with any outfit or situation she may find herself in. Professional meeting or play-date, these white and yellow gold hoops will be a fantastic set of earrings that any mom can wear and will allow for the sentiment of the gift to be felt all year. The twisted white and yellow gold is a subtle way to add intrigue to a mother’s style, and is a smart gift idea if you aren’t sure if she prefers yellow gold over white gold.

A mom sitting on a couch, wearing diamond stud earrings, a rind, and a smartwatch while holding her glasses in one hand

Shop Incredible Jewelry for Mother’s Day at Rogers Jewelry Co.

Explore our extensive selection of beautiful earrings that any mom would love within our Rogers Jewelry Co. showrooms. With the world’s most renown designers and dedication to exceptionally created jewelry, we are sure you will find an amazing Mother’s Day gift in our fine jewelry collection when you visit any of our locations in Modesto, San Luis Obispo, Bakersfield, Folsom, Fresno, and Elk Grove, CA, or our store in Reno, NV. Ask one of our professionals for assistance with any questions you may have, or inquire about our custom design services to make something truly unique for the special mom in your life. Contact our Rogers jewelry stores for more information about our selection and our services.