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Men's Wedding Bands: Which Metal Type is Right For You?

April 23rd, 2021

You wouldn’t think so, but men seem to have a wider range of precious metals options to choose from when it comes to wedding bands. Beyond traditional gold metals and platinum, today’s metal options allow you to express yourself through captivating accessories.

If you’re in the market for a wedding band to represent your love and your lifestyle, our men’s wedding band guide takes you through the world of classic and alternative metals to help you find the perfect fit.

Classic Metals

For the man who values tradition, heritage, and sophistication, classic metal options harken back to a simpler time.


Gold is a mainstay in men’s wedding bands (and jewelry, in general). Choose from white, yellow, or rose (or a mix of them) colors, each offering superior durability and style. 10K, 14K, or 18K, all provide impeccable radiance to complement your casual or formal wear.

Gold jewelry is made using durable alloys to strengthen the gold metal for everyday wear. Choose from a single metal ring or mixed-metal designs to stand out from the mundane and outdated designs.

Designer: ArtCarved’s gold wedding bands for men come in Engraved, Classic, Contemporary, and Vintage Collections. Each exudes a timeless appeal with modern details.


Rarity comes at a price. Platinum’s exclusive appeal caters to those with higher budgets, but it’s worth the investment for its crisp white tone. Its highly reflective surface may look vulnerable to scratches, but it’s actually one of the strongest metals in the market.

If your lifestyle requires you to work a lot with your hands or if your rings are in for some wear and tear, platinum should be high on your list. Over time, you won’t notice a reduction in luster, meaning there’s no need to restore its pristine form.

Designer: Hearts On Fire brings you fine platinum wedding bands in wide or thin band varieties. Each includes a stunning and brilliant diamond stone in the inner face of the band. This hidden detail reinvents a classic style.

Alternative Metals

Embrace modernity and elegance with these alternative metal designs.


If you're looking for a durable metal that's more affordable than platinum, tungsten is a budget-friendly alternative for men who work with their hands. Clock in and out day after day without worrying about your metal tarnishing. It will retain its original luster for generations.

Tungsten metals come in white, black, and gray tones and may feature creative detailing and inlays of different materials. If you're looking for a unique design, tungsten bands should be your number one choice.

Designer: Triton Jewelry’s T89 collection includes spectacular tungsten designs in a wide range of finishes. Find mixed metal options and some featuring captivating inlays to bring out tungsten’s unique finishes.


Titanium is one of the most popular metal options for men's wedding bands. It offers superior durability just like steel that is more lightweight. If you're a man who has an active lifestyle, this metal is perfect for you.

Find stunning engravings, inlays, and etchings on these popular metals. Titanium has a silver-white hue that offers an impeccable luster. You may also find sharp black titanium colors too.

Designer: Triton Jewelry’s Carved collection takes advantage of titanium’s versatility as a metal. Explore striking patterns and finishes on the outer face of each band. Each ring was crafted using high-tech machine-cutting technology for ultimate precision.

Damascus Steel

Made by forging two stainless steel varieties in a layered pattern, Damascus steel has the look of wavy wood grain. This metal is durable, lightweight, and easy to customize or resize. Find your contemporary look with this bold material.

Designer: Triton Jewelry’s Rogue Collection brings the ancient beauty of Damascus steel to the forefront. For the man who values heritage, these bands deliver a redefined version of this classic forging technique.

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