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Less is More: Minimalist Engagement Ring Styles

August 25th, 2021

Say “Yes” to a minimalist ring style that has a clean and simple silhouette and a singular center stone as the star of the show. An engagement ring doesn't have to be dramatic or elaborate to mean more. An understated ring is just as expressive and sentimental. Discover a range of delicate engagement rings available at Rogers Jewelry Co.

Solitaires: A Minimalist’s Dream

Solitaires are a classic choice for brides with a minimalist aesthetic. They include a single center stone adorning a brilliant, sleek band. Within the solitaire category and beyond, you can find a wide variety of subtle details that can transform this classic style into a modern work of art.

apered Shanks

A tapered shank refers to the narrowing of the band as it tapers towards the center stone, creating an intriguing and complex pairing to your diamond center. Whether the shank is tapering toward the center stone or in the opposite direction, the fluid and curved silhouettes are eye-catching.

For a truly magnificent option, this striking platinum solitaire features a stunning round diamond as the center of this tapered look. Below the center stone, you'll find a sleek metal knot representing the everlasting bond you share with your partner.

Hidden Halos

Halos traditionally frame the center stone, making the diamond appear larger. However, hidden halos are the perfect in-between option for the minimalist at heart. Hidden halos refer to a collar of glistening diamonds that sit underneath the center stone offering a subtle boost of brilliance.

Scott Kay’s Luminaire collection includes this breathtaking hidden halo engagement ring featuring radiating diamonds cushioning the bottom portion of the center stone. The bridge and half of the shank are also embellished with brilliant stones.

Peek-a-Boo Diamonds

Peek-a-boo diamonds, also called surprise diamonds, are subtle additions to the engagement ring, which will only be visible from certain angles. Usually, this may include bezel-set diamonds in the gallery of the ring under the center stone or an arrangement of diamonds along the bridge.

Distinctive Profiles

Similar to peek-a-boo diamonds, solitaires with distinctive profiles can include diamond accents or intriguing details below the center stone and on the sides of the shank, providing a sleek and captivating appearance from any angle.

The greatness of a distinctive profile is best represented with this classic ArtCarved ring. It includes a stunning selection of diamond stone beads adorning the bridge and the gallery.

Draping Diamonds

Draping diamonds present a modern twist on the classic halo. Instead of the traditional circular halo enhancing the center stone, draping diamonds literally drape the center stone with brilliant diamonds and elegant curves.

The cascading diamonds frame the center stone with a brilliant flourish.

Uncover the Magic at Rogers Jewelry Co.

Visit Rogers Jewelry Co. for an incredible selection of understated and chic engagement ring styles. No matter what your loved one’s preference is, our jewelry store in Modesto, California is sure to have the right solitaire ring that will embody the depth of your love for your partner.