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How to Mix and Match Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

July 29th, 2020

When it comes to stacking your engagement ring and wedding band, the possibilities are endless, especially if you’re looking for one to complement your daily outfits. Whether you’re going for something show-stoppingly glamorous or a relatively subtle look, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite styling tips to help you curate your dream set.

What is Ring Stacking?

Ring stacking, also known as ring layering, refers to wearing multiple rings on a single finger. Though the trend originated from the tradition of adding anniversary rings on top of a wedding and engagement ring, it has expanded into a more general styling trend that brides all over the world are adapting to.

The philosophy is centered around the idea that we layer our clothes, why not start layering our jewelry, especially pieces that represent unforgettable moments in our lives. Ring stacking presents even more options to those who love jewelry and dressing up their everyday collections.

Tips for Stacking Rings

While we encourage you to take part in the fun and experiment with your own ring stacking style, we’ve included some helpful tips below. It’s important to understand this guide as suggestions rather than rules to follow -- however you’d like to style your ring stacking collection is entirely up to you.

Stack As Many As You Want

With ring stacking, the more, the merrier. Try starting out with three, including your engagement ring, and build a well-curated stack until you run out of room between your hand and knuckle. There’s potential to create a completely individualistic design by stacking multiple.

A beautiful stacked ring design is the best way to represent your stylish nature. Not only is it fun, but it helps to project the image of yourself you want the world to see.

Think Bold

If you are looking to completely transform the style of your wedding ring stack, it’s important to not be afraid to be a little bolder. You can do this by adding even more sparkle and bling into your ring stack with different diamond cuts or even maybe stacking multiple of the same ring.

What matters most is that you’re satisfied with the design you’ve created on your ring finger. By incorporating bold features, you’re guaranteed to create an eye-catching ensemble. The only limit here is your imagination.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Metals

For a more fashion-forward look, try to incorporate multiple metals into your ring stack. A mixed metal ring stack can look incredibly stylish, cool, and instantly personalized. Using mixed metals is also a great way to switch up the style of your bridal set.

For instance, if you have a platinum engagement ring and platinum wedding band, it will look chic and icy look on its own. However, by wearing a delicate rose gold ring with your bridal stack, you’ll add a romantic, warm element that will give your wedding set a whole new look.

Center Your Ring Stacking Around Your Personal Style

Fashion is ultimately about empowering yourself to feel and look your absolute best. A fully realized style is about more than following the latest trends, it’s about transforming these trends into your own style. Adding your personal touch is guaranteed to make you look and feel confident.

Find Your Dream Ring Set with Rogers Jewelry Co.

Overall, it’s all about finding the best options for you. If you’re shopping with Rogers Jewelry Company, you are sure to find stackable rings that perfectly complement your personal style and showcase your individuality. Their team is dedicated to helping you find items that will fit seamlessly into your jewelry collection.