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Guide to Trending Diamond Shapes in 2021

December 30th, 2020

While some diamond shapes continue to prove themselves timeless, others are relatively new introductions that cater to couples that like to stand out. Our diamond shape guide covers the most popular diamond shapes and their unique characteristics.

What’s in a Diamond Shape?

A diamond’s shape refers to the bird’s eye view of the top of the diamond. Engagement ring diamond shapes range in size and cut, each with their own distinct level of fire, brilliance, and durability. If you’re struggling to choose between diamond shapes, know that they will all look spectacular, albeit, some fit better with certain personalities than others.

Round: Classic and Striking

Round diamond shapes are always on-trend. These timeless diamonds offer the wearer a simple and traditional design that can complement any outfit, elegant or casual. Round stones have 58 facets, providing a higher level of sparkle than most other diamond shapes.

A majority of couples opt for the ageless round diamond due to its simplicity and tradition. In fact, about 75 percent of consumers go with round diamond shapes. For couples who prefer a low-key and minimalist ring choice, a round cut is an affordable and stylish choice.

Fit for a Princess

It’s hip to be square with a princess cut diamond. Feel like royalty with these trending square-shaped diamonds featuring sharp cuts. A princess diamond’s 49 facets offer a similar level of brilliance and sparkle as round-shaped diamonds. Princess diamonds evoke a carefree, spontaneous, and smart attitude.

Oval: Intriguing and Breathtaking

An oval-shaped diamond features the conventional curves of a round diamond, but its elongated structure adds a modern and quaint flair to your engagement ring. Oval diamonds are the perfect complement for long and slender fingers. Classic, modern, and unique, all at once. You can’t go wrong with the oval diamond trend.

Cushion: Unique and Fashion-Forward

For couples who can’t decide between a round and princess diamond shape, a cushion diamond is a fashionable alternative. These trending diamond shapes offer a non-traditional cut that remains elegant, impeccable, and eye-catching. A cushion diamond’s rounded corners prevent it from snagging easily or chipping like a princess diamond.

Enhanced Clarity with an Emerald

Emerald shape diamonds are one of the most uniquely-shaped diamonds on the market. These trending diamond shapes have long facets and layered corners known as step cuts. Its elongated shape allows you to get a better feel of your diamond’s clarity and color or lack thereof. Watch out for obvious inclusions with an emerald diamond.

Popular Diamond Shapes Galore

Round, princess, cushion, oval, and emerald diamond shapes continue to be customer-favorites for engagement rings. If you’re looking for even more unique diamond shapes, don’t hesitate to look for other trending diamond shapes such as the following:

  • Radiant
  • Pear
  • Asscher
  • Marquise
  • Heart

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