Get To Know The Top Hearts On Fire Fashion Collections

August 26th, 2020

In the world of luxury jewelry, Hearts On Fire is in a class of its own. Providing the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds, HOF has built a reputation for hand-selecting stunning stones and cutting them for unparalleled sparkle and shine. While many jewelry lovers turn to Hearts On Fire for their wedding pieces, the brand also provides exceptional, on-trend fashion pieces for women of all tastes and styles. Ready to find your next favorite piece of jewelry? Visit Rogers Jewelry Co. to shop the Hearts on Fire Fashion collection and more.

Hearts On Fire Fashions for 2021

With unique and exciting designs, Hearts On Fire fashion pieces are guaranteed to attract attention and admiration wherever you go. Here are some of the collections we’re most excited about for 2020:


Elegant and exquisite, lace is a classic choice for wedding dress fabric. It’s no surprise that this intricate material inspired a line of fashion jewelry as well. Hearts On Fire’s Lorelei collection celebrates the timeless beauty that exists in the details. From fashion rings to earrings, necklaces to bracelets, the pieces in this collection are perfect for women who appreciate a bit of romance and nostalgia in their fashion.


The natural world is full of beauty and magic, so it’s only logical that Hearts On Fire would use it as inspiration for the Aerial Collection. Wanderers and adventurous souls will be drawn to the freedom of these pieces. 


Elegant yet modern, the Optima collection features circular designs adorned with gems and other design touches. Lovely yet subtle, these pieces add interest and sophistication to just about any outfit or look.


Are you in love with all things New York? A nod to the Big Apple, the Triplicity collection boasts fashion rings, earrings, and necklaces made for modern women. Fashion-forward yet timeless, these edgy pieces feature bold geometrics and the same stunning stones that made Hearts On Fire a household name.


If the night sky fills you with joy and astonishment, consider perusing the pieces in the Illa collection. These earrings and necklaces celebrate the wonder and serenity of the sky. Choose from an array of star designs, comets, and more.


The unmatched HOF diamond takes center stage in these designs, which come in both white and rose gold. Striking and bold, HOF rings, necklaces, and earrings will make you look as strong and unstoppable on the outside as you feel on the inside.

Find Your Style at Rogers Jewelry Company

Rogers Jewelry Co. prides itself on carrying a wide array of jewelry by Hearts On Fire Fashion and other top designers. We believe our customers are special and deserve accessories that are just as unique and stunning to express to the world their distinct personalities. Ready to find your next incredible necklace or ring? Stop by today for help selecting the perfect piece of fashion jewelry or shop our selection online.