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Fall in Love with These Romantic Jewelry Styles with Special Meaning

December 15th, 2021

There's more to jewelry than meets the eye. The pieces we wear make us brilliant on the outside while also signifying a deeper meaning that we each carry within us. You don't need to know what a ring means to appreciate its luster and downright radiance, but understanding the mind behind the design and learning what these pieces represent can help you put together an ensemble brimming with layers of meaning and individuality.

Like it or not, what we wear speaks volumes about how we feel. Our clothes reveal the inner story happening within each of us, and when we wear luxury jewels, the saga of our lives is displayed in full shine.

A Trio of Elegance

Three Stone Rings (or trilogy rings) feature a magnified center stone flanked by two smaller stones, typically diamonds, bunched in a row like a bushel of brilliance. Some prefer a more symmetrical look with stones of the same size. Most three-stone rings feature diamonds, but many offer precious stones like emeralds and sapphires. The symbology of what the stones represent, however, remains the same. One stone cherishes the past, while another celebrates the present, and the final embraces the future.

Novel Necklaces

The precious stones of your journey necklace tell the story of how far you've come. The diamonds grow in size as they descend the pendant, like a winding trail leaving ever more brilliance in its wake. Most journey necklaces are cut into an s-like shape, but other shapes like hearts are also popular.

The Unbreakable Band

Eternity Bands are wedding bands that feature a circle of diamonds surrounding the entirety of the ring. This is a dazzling piece gleaming with brilliance. It takes advantage of every angle, never a stranger to shine. This ring is designed to reflect even the slightest hint of light, augmenting its radiance at every chance it gets. The special meaning behind the unbroken circle of diamonds represents the unbreakable bond of true love.

Infinite Radiance

Infinity rings are another symbol of everlasting unions. Often, the metal band is shaped into the figure-8 symbol of infinity, emphasizing the infinite nature of love, like the design featured on this Hearts on Fire wedding band.

Infinity rings can incorporate the figure-8 symbol in other ways, as well. Sometimes the figure is set on the head in place of the center stone. Other times the motif is more subtle, and only upon close inspection does one notice the slightly twisted bands interlacing.

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