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Everyday Statement Rings: The Jewelry Trend Combining Bold Design with Minimalist Flair

September 25th, 2019

Everyday Statement Rings: The Jewelry Trend Combining Bold Design with Minimalist Flair

Minimalism has been the way to go in recent years with everything from the number of clothes in your closet (thanks, Marie Kondo!) to the type of jewelry you wear. A thin, delicate necklace. A simple, everyday ring. Less was definitely best. But this fall, bold is back in a new way with the everyday statement ring.

An Everyday Ring with a Twist

Everyday statement rings are a trend that is growing in popularity. Combining the best of minimalist rings and their bolder counterparts, these are somewhere in the middle of both. They can be distinguished by a minimalist design but with a detail or two that makes them memorable.

Think a thin ring with an eye-catching gem in the middle. The popular X-shaped ring enhanced with some serious bling. A chunkier version of an everyday ring. An open stacking ring with colorful jewels on the ends.

We’re talking an everyday ring with a bold twist. That’s what everyday statement rings are about. Sleek enough to be considered minimalist, but with a standout feature, like a bright color or an interesting shape. It will look as good with your outfit for the office as it does at a cocktail party.

Designers Making an Everyday Statement

Hearts on Fire Statement Ring

Hearts on Fire proves that diamond rings aren’t just for engagements. They’ve got everything from rose gold rings with just a hint of sparkle to platinum bands with unique designs. Their Intermingle collection of rings is particularly special, and embodies the everyday statement ring trend.

If you’re looking for something both classic and unique, Roberto Coin’s designs are a great place to start. He has been at the forefront of many jewelry trends in the past few decades, and everyday statement rings are no exception. The Cinderella-inspired Roberto Coin Disney collection is truly magical, featuring diamond-accented rings that evoke the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand.

Forevermark is another company that’s making diamond rings for every woman every day. Their stackable rings let you choose exactly how bold you want to go. According to the company, the Forevermark Tribute collection “celebrates the unique and brilliant woman who wears it. The pieces can be worn stacked or layered to reflect your individual style and character.” Alone, each piece is an everyday statement ring, but together, they really stand out.

Find Your Perfect Everyday Ring at Rogers Jewelry Co.

If you’re ready to have an everyday statement ring of your own, Hearts on Fire, Roberto Coin, Forevermark, and many more designers are available at Rogers Jewelry Co. We have eight superstore locations across the state of California and in Reno, Nevada. Our showrooms are more than four times the square footage of an average mall jewelry store, which means we have a much bigger selection for you to choose from.

With private viewing rooms and computer design centers, you can even create your own unique everyday ring, or whatever special piece of jewelry you may be looking for. To get ideas and find the latest jewelry trends, check out our website today.