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Engagement Rings for Each Zodiac Sign

July 15th, 2023

Close up image of a person with red painted nails holding a white gold, halo engagement ring

At Rogers Jewelry Co., we recognize the unique spark in every love story. If your partner adores astrology, why not consider an engagement ring that matches their zodiac sign? We've curated a cosmic collection of exquisite rings for each zodiac sign, intricately designed to mirror their iconic celestial traits. Our experienced team has compiled an insightful guide, detailing the perfect ring for Aries to Pisces. Sweep your beloved off of their feet with an intimate symbol of love that reflects not only their heart but their star sign too.

A yellow gold, solitaire engagement ring with diamond detail below the center stone


This classic ArtCarved ring in yellow gold with a solitaire center stone captures Aries' bold, passionate spirit. The fiery hue of the gold mirrors their inherent energy, while the solitary diamond reflects Aries' fearless independence. This striking piece is a fitting tribute to the audacious and confident character of an Aries.

A white gold and yellow gold mixed metal ring with a halo setting, split bands, and side stones


In the realm of the celestial, Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, representing duality. This ArtCarved Contemporary engagement ring, with its mixed metals, harmoniously captures this dualistic nature. The entwined bands symbolize the interconnectedness of Gemini's two sides, while the varying metals echo their versatility and adaptability. An engagement ring that's as multifaceted and enchanting as the Gemini soul it's destined for.

A solitaire engagement ring featuring a heart-shaped center stone and a a platinum band


As the nurturers of the zodiac, Cancers are renowned for their deep, emotional nature, and this Rogers Jewelry Co. solitaire ring, with its heart-shaped diamond, is a beautiful manifestation of their spirit. The heart - a universal symbol of love and emotion - mirrors the sentimentality and empathy that are intrinsic to Cancers. An ideal choice for a Cancer, this ring pays tribute to their heartfelt devotion and intuitive, emotional core.

A yellow gold engagement ring with intertwining bands, side stones, a halo, and princess cut center stone


Just like the vibrant, commanding spirit of a Leo, this ArtCarved Contemporary engagement ring demands attention and adoration. With a stunning central diamond that mirrors a Leo's love for the limelight, it is paired with an intricately designed band that embodies their regality. The exquisite design and brilliant sparkle of this ring align seamlessly with the Leo's penchant for grandeur and charisma.

A mixed metal, three stone engagement ring with all round stones and halos


Inherently drawn to balance and harmony, Libra finds an ideal match in this incredible Hearts On Fire engagement ring. Its mixed metal halo design beautifully manifests the duality inherent in Libra, while the interplay of metals captures their pursuit of equilibrium. Emphasizing the peace-seeking and diplomatic nature of a Libra, this ring becomes a striking symbol of unity.

A white gold three stone engagement ring featuring three pear shaped diamonds


Embodying the intensity and depth of a Scorpio, the A.JAFFE Seasons of Love engagement ring makes a daring statement. The ring's bold design and intricate details mirror their strong character, while the luminous central diamond reflects their profound emotional nature. A striking representation of Scorpio's transformative energy and passion.

A mixed metal engagement ring with intertwining bands and side stones and a halo setting


Reflecting Sagittarius' adventurous and free-spirited nature, the ArtCarved Lyric engagement ring is the embodiment of their zest for life. The ring's bold setting and vibrant diamond capture their love for the extraordinary, while its intricate design mirrors their expansive and exploratory spirit, a true representation of Sagittarian wanderlust.

A platinum oval cut engagement ring with milgrain detailing, a halo, and sidestones


Exemplifying the structured and sophisticated nature of Capricorns, this exquisite A.JAFFE Art Deco ring exudes refinement. Its regal design mirrors their ambition, while the meticulous detailing aligns with their precise and methodical nature. This ring is a tangible testament to Capricorn's disciplined and majestic essence.

A three band, rose gold engagement ring featuring a round cut center stone and diamond and pink sapphire side stones


Echoing the Aquarius' penchant for the eccentric and out-of-the-box, this Hearts On Fire Harley ring is an unconventional beauty. Its innovative design, paired with stunning pink sapphires, captures their out-of-the-box thinking. This ring is a delightful nod to Aquarius' eccentric charm and forward-thinking spirit.

A rose gold engagement ring with a round cut center stone, intertwining bands with a halo and side stones


This contemporary engagement ring by ArtCarved with its imaginative design and gentle curves, beautifully resonates with the creative and caring nature of a Pisces. The whimsical interwoven bands and romantic rose gold evoke their dreamy essence, while the overall design pays homage to their nurturing spirit. It is a truly poetic choice for a Pisces.

A person’s hand wearing a solitaire, oval cut engagement ring surrounded by greenery

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