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Best Metal for Daily Jewelry

August 15th, 2022

There are many kinds of jewelry out there, but not all of them are “fine jewelry.” At Rogers Jewelry Co., we only offer the most luxurious pieces, and is one of the reasons why we only sell jewelry in silver, gold, and platinum. The aesthetic of fine jewelry is largely determined by its materials, especially in regard to its metal. From the warm glow of yellow gold to the effortless elegance of sterling silver, the possibilities of beautiful designs are limitless. Our team at Rogers put together a guide to precious metals for everyday jewelry.

Sterling Silver: Minimalist, Bright, Sleek

Sterling silver has been adored for centuries. It’s an excellent option for everyday jewelry due to its sleek, easy-to-pair aesthetic. In ancient times, silver was used for bartering, and, in some cultures, was even more valuable than gold. This may be due to its beauty and rarity, as pure silver is soft and brittle. Sterling silver was invented to make it workable through the addition of copper and other harder materials.

This alloy is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, allowing it to retain the same sophisticated hue while obtaining a degree of durability. Most sterling silver is made with copper, ensuring that it is hypoallergenic for most people. This material is also relatively affordable compared to gold and platinum.

Gold: Spectacular, Glamorous

There’s nothing more luxuriously iconic than gold. This regal metal is valuable and regal, forming the backbone of economies in history. Like other gold alloys, its quality is denoted in karats (not to be confused with diamond carats). Lower karat jewelry will include more metals, which can include allergy-causing materials like nickel and chrome.

Gold is available in white, yellow, and rose. White gold must be occasionally redipped in rhodium by a jeweler to maintain its color, but otherwise presents a more glamorous alternative to silver. Rose gold is pink and feminine, the result of a higher concentration of copper. For everyday jewelry, gold is a marvelous option. Note that gold is somewhat soft and can be scratched, but a trip to the jeweler can correct that.

Platinum: Precious, Fancy

There’s no precious metal more valuable than platinum. This rare metal is beloved by elites for its rarity, and color. Interestingly, it is the durability that makes it more valuable. Unlike gold or silver, platinum does not need to be alloyed to be workable, so jewelry can be made almost entirely of platinum. Unlike white gold, it does not need to be redipped to retain its natural silver coloring. Unlike sterling silver, it is brighter and cleaner in appearance.

While platinum is reputable for its strength, it is not entirely immune to wear. It is roughly as strong as 14k gold and can consequently be scratched. Still, for those who want the best, they can find it with platinum jewelry.

Find Your Favorite Everyday Jewelry at Rogers Jewelry Co.

At Rogers Jewelry Co., we have always provided the highest quality to our customers. Our extensive selection of the finest gold, silver, and platinum jewelry has wowed and impressed our customers for over a century. With many of today’s finest designer brands including our own pieces, there’s no taste that won’t be satisfied at each of our incredible jewelry stores.

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