A. Jaffe: 130 Years of Bridal Jewelry Excellence and Innovation

July 14th, 2019

A. Jaffe: 130 Years of Bridal Jewelry Excellence and Innovation

Back in 1892, Abraham Jaffe founded his jewelry store in the heart of New York City, and since then, the jewelry designer that bears his name has been in the business of creating some of the finest bridal jewelry on the market. Their collections of engagement rings and wedding bands carry clear inspiration from the generations of design through which their company has existed.

Because of this well of dedication, history, and craftsmanship from which they can draw, A. Jaffe represents a brand whose collections bear a common imprint of style while having a unique flair. Here at Rogers Jewelry Co., we’re pleased to offer a wide variety of A. Jaffe collections for our customers’ tastes, and here we’ll throw a spotlight on A. Jaffe to show off what they have to offer.

The Metropolitan Collection

The Metropolitan collection of engagement rings

The Metropolitan collection of engagement rings and wedding bands is where A. Jaffe’s most inventive styles are kept. This collection features some truly inventive band styles, including those made entirely from bezels in which diamonds are floating along a woman’s finger, as well as branch-like bands in engagement rings against which the center stone is like a hanging fruit. The inventiveness of the A. Jaffe Metropolitan line extends to truly unexpected designs.

The Classics Collection

A.Jaffe Classic Collection

Inventiveness, though, doesn’t detract from the opulence of A. Jaffe designs. The Classics collection showcases diamonds and precious metals in such a way that a viewer can’t help but keep their eyes fixed on the pieces. Imagine having a wedding band whose face is pave-set with round-cut diamonds, and beneath the white gold holding the stones in place, the brilliance of 18k yellow gold quilting shines out. Imagine a breathtaking platinum engagement ring where the modern opulence of channel-set diamonds surrounds sleek prongs lifting a center stone away from the band. That’s what the Classics collection has to offer.

The Seasons of Love Collection

A. Jaffe Seasons of Love Collection

Among the A. Jaffe collections of wedding bands and engagement rings, the collection that’s the most “organic” is the Seasons of Love line. Vines, falling leaves, and even bubbles on a pond can all be seen in the abstract arrangement of diamonds and 18k white gold of the wedding bands. The engagement rings, interestingly, approach the idea of “naturalness” from a perspective that complements the collection’s wedding bands. Diamond-studded shanks made to look like “twigs,” prongs made to resemble a blossoming flower, and milgrain-beaded laurel wreaths all continue the Seasons of Love commitment to the natural ideal.

The Quilted Collection

A. Jaffe Quilted Collection

The Quilted collection shows off the luxurious quilting style inside the band that A. Jaffe does so well, but what the name of the collection doesn’t bring across is the way Quilted bridal jewelry shows off diamonds. The eternity bands that make up the Quilted line of wedding bands are one thing, but when you add the refined, clean look of their engagement rings, you know you have something really special. Even if you prefer halos to solitaires or vice versa, the Quilted collection boasts lacy sculpting in the gold and a clear passion for expert craftsmanship.

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