5 Creative Proposal Ideas to Make Her Heart Race

January 14th, 2019

5 Creative Proposal Ideas to Make Her Heart Race

Since the time the love of your life was a little girl, she’s longed to be swept off her feet by Prince Charming. Seasons changed, and life went on, but somewhere, deep down in her heart, is still the little girl waiting on the man of her dreams to get down on one knee and say the four words that have escaped her all these years: Will you marry me?

With that in mind, proposing to her is one of the most significant events ever, so it’s up to you to knock her socks off, Prince Charming -- no pressure.

Give It Thought

Coming up with original, creative proposal ideas that are meaningful to the both of you sounds intimidating, but relax and exhale. Let’s brainstorm together.

For starters, think about how you all met and the commonalities between you two. Did you meet at a party? A park? A wedding? You could take elements from your initial meeting place or the actual date and time you hit it off and incorporate it into your proposal.

Perhaps there wasn’t anything all that intriguing about your first encounter. Maybe you could interweave and implement components from the duration of your courtship as an indication that you’ve been taking notes, and the moments you two have shared have been valuable enough for you to remember them.

You’ll certainly score big points there.

Creative Proposal Ideas

Now, for the exciting stuff.

Here are a few creative proposal ideas, not to impose, but just in case you haven’t the slightest clue what you’re going to do to wow your bride-to-be on her special day. Let these sentimental and practical suggestions—preferably done on one knee—serve as an inspiration.


She won’t be able to stop blushing when you send her favorite bouquet with or without a vase to her workplace—in front of all the other women. She’ll be even happier to find that big ole rock inside the envelope or dangling from a stem. When you walk out of the men’s bathroom or another room in the building, it’ll surely throw her system into shock. She’ll be so thrilled to see you. Be sure to get clearance with her supervisors first if applicable.


If spirituality is what brings you two together in a profound way, right after one of the religious ceremonies you two attend, have the officiant call you up in front of everyone and propose.

If the officiant won’t oblige, request her to kneel and pray with you personally after service concludes. Before or after the prayer, turn to her while you're both still on your knees, and ask for her hand in marriage. She’ll never see it coming.


Do it on the elevator. Yes, pop the question while you’re going up or down, for that matter. If you’re really skilled, do it in between floors in the designated amount of time. Have a group of all your closest friends and family members or whoever you’d both like in attendance waiting on the floor where you two are set to hop off. Time it so the doors open at the very second she’s accepting your offer. It’ll sweeten the deal all the more.


If you desire something a tad more intimate with just the two of you at home, opt for popcorn and a movie. Bury the ring in the popcorn, wrapped in plastic wrap. Watch her face as she digs in for a snack and unearths a diamond.


Do this, but don’t overdo this. You want her to accept your proposal, after all. Tricking someone before proposing to them is unconventional, let alone taboo. So, make this fun, not antagonizing.

Don't think of entertaining this idea if her sense of humor is not of the joking and pranking variety.

Otherwise, go out for an afternoon where nothing seems to work out in her favor—on purpose—not the restaurant, not the fishing trip, nothing.

For the finale, after all her buttons have been thoroughly pushed, meet up with loved ones, who should probably be in on the prank-surprise, and have a spectacular gathering prepared with eats and drinks and music and celebration.

And apologize, apologize, apologize, before and after you propose.

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