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3 Stress-free Tricks for Untangling Necklace Chains

December 1st, 2019

So, let’s say you’ve got a big meeting, you’ve opened your jewelry box—and shock, horror—you find that your favorite necklace has a knot in the chain. You’re in a rush, and you just don’t have time to sit down with this thing to pick at it with your fingernails! What can you do?

Have no fear. Rogers Jewelry Co. is here with a list of three handy tips for untangling your chain necklace quickly and without tearing out your hair in frustration. Of course, it’s important to remember that when it comes to the longevity of your treasured jewelry, you should always err on the side of caution. There aren’t many meetings or events that are so important that you should risk the integrity of your jewelry for them. If none of these methods appeal to you, you can always bring your necklace into your local jeweler to have them professionally maintain its chain.

The Pin Method

The pin method is, ironically, related to the premise of using your fingernails to unpick the tangle in the necklace chain. The thin nature of a pin (or any related object, such as a sewing needle or thumbtack) allows it to effortlessly fit into the gap at the center of the knot. Once the pin is in the knot, you can slowly wiggle it from side to side. This will inevitably cause the knot to loosen.

From there, you can slip your fingernails into the open knot and untangle it with your fingers.

The Baby Oil Method

If you have an extremely thin chain, like those that can be found in the Triplicity collection of necklaces from Hearts on Fire, and that chain has a very tight knot, the pin method on its own may be a little too frustrating or slow going. To that end, you can add baby oil or mineral oil to the process. We caution our readers to only stick to these two oils—you don’t want to accidentally pick something that’s harsher and damage the metal.

Apply the oil to the site of the tangle and rub it in. Once the area’s been saturated with oil, it’ll be significantly easier to slip the needles into the knot and pull it apart. Clean the necklace afterwards with a mild dish soap and lukewarm water, patting it dry with a terrycloth rag.

The Baby Powder Method

Of course, if you own a necklace with high-quality diamonds, bezel or channel settings, or delicate jewels, you might be reticent to expose them to oil and detergents. It might be a pain in the neck to get all the oil and soap off your Fire & Ice diamond, and that might take up more of your time. To that end, you can substitute baby oil with its cousin product: baby powder. The physical qualities of baby powder make it act as a lubricant.

As with oil, you can sprinkle the knotted area with baby powder. Then slip the needle into the knot and wiggle the knot open. You can wash your necklace afterward, but it’s not necessary with baby powder. Instead, you can pat the excess powder loose with a rag or towel.

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