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Guide to Wedding Band Metals

Before you celebrate your union with your significant other, make sure that all the details have been worked out. Selecting the metal for the wedding bands is an important step as you will be wearing the ring for the rest of your lifetime. The experts at Roger's Jewelry Co. have put together a guide to the variety of metals utilized by world-renowned designers.

White Gold

A favorite for bridal rings, white gold brilliantly reflects light, making diamonds look larger and also making for a great setting for vibrant gemstones. Wedding bands have many different styles and white gold will easily match both classic and contemporary designs. Regular maintenance is required for white gold pieces to maintain their shining color and to reduce the appearance of scratches. Many designers create enchanting wedding band collections with white gold options so there is certain to be plenty of options to choose from when selecting the best ring for you.

Yellow Gold

Traditionally chosen for their timeless elegance, yellow gold wedding bands do not require routine rhodium dipping like white gold bands do, and have seen a resurgence of popularity. The warm tone of yellow gold adds a romantic quality to your wedding band that will look exquisite with diamond accents or your favorite shades of gemstones. Yellow gold creates an exceptional stage for vintage-inspired and modern styles to thrive for generations as the symbol of your love.

Rose Gold

Blushing pink tones of rose gold are believed to be a contemporary marvel when in fact the gold and copper alloy has its roots in some of the earliest recorded jewelry. The modern love for this metal is largely due to its romantic and feminine glow. Subtle wedding bands or intricate designs are perfectly formed out of rose gold to suit many different aesthetics. This metal is immediately distinctive and fabulous,complimentary to a multitude of skin tones.


An incredibly dense and rare natural element, platinum creates the ultimate luxurious and low-maintenance wedding band. Although expensive, this durable metal is excellent for those with skin sensitivities because of the purity of platinum versus the different alloys that give golds their strength, among other properties. The brilliant sheen of platinum looks fantastic with any variety of accents and features you may desire for the wedding band.

Mixed Metal

Designers around the world enjoy designing wedding bands with mixed metals. There are a myriad of intriguing combinations of platinum and rose, yellow, or white gold along with the multitude of diamonds and gemstones. This ensures that everyone finds their dream combination. Ultra-chic and modern, these rings are a medley of contrasts that can emulate your love story. Pick your favorite metals and create your unique symbol of dedication to your significant other.