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Introduction to Gold Jewelry

No jewelry collection is complete without a few stunning pieces of flawless gold jewelry. This precious metal has been used to accessorize ensembles for centuries, and for a good reason. Its rich and opulent sheen adds subtle shine and beautifully accents many gemstones. Different types of gold are created by adding various alloys to create a variety of colors. Yellow gold, for example, is the most popular choice for both engagement rings and wedding bands both because of its warm, romantic hue and incredible durability. With proper care, jewelry forged in this stunning metal can become your family's next heirloom.

Characteristics of Gold Jewelry

Pure gold is one of the densest of all metals but is also very malleable, making it ideal for jewelry construction. Its resistance to corrosion and tarnishing and its bright color has attracted the attention of humans since the time of ancient Egyptian, Minoan, and Assyrian civilizations. The mixture of other alloys like copper, nickel, and platinum have allowed the typically very soft texture of pure gold uncharacteristic strength so that it can be used in jewelry for daily wear. Gold jewelry's karat refers to the ratio of pure gold to alloy. For instance, pure gold is considered 24K, while 18K contains a percentage of other metals.

How to Care for Gold Jewelry

Caring for and cleaning your gold jewelry is relatively simple and extremely important to retaining your piece's original beauty. Keep in mind that gold is quite a soft precious metal, so take care to use gentle cleaning solutions rather than harsh chemicals to prevent any scratches to the surface of the jewelry. A soft toothbrush will allow you to remove dirt and grime from the crevices and intricate details of the piece. For jewelry that gets a lot of wear or is particularly valuable, you can also visit your local jeweler for a professional cleaning.

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