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Guide to Engagement Ring Metals

An engagement ring is one of the most personal choices you will make in your lifetime and there are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect one. While the center stone often takes center stage, the foundation of an engagement ring lies in the setting and with that comes choosing a metal type.

Options for the ring’s metal are plentiful and there is no wrong choice. Everything comes down to personal style and preference. Our expert guide will help you understand your choices so that you can choose the metal that brings to life the overall tone of your engagement ring.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the traditional standard for engagement rings. The radiant sheen is a timeless classic that perfectly complements the brilliant sparkle of diamonds. The finish pairs well with vintage styled engagement rings, adding a touch of romance to any look. For centuries, the golden engagement ring hue has been synonymous with luxury and sophistication, which makes it an excellent selection for the bride who values tradition and is looking for an engagement ring that will stand the test of time.

White Gold

White gold engagement rings continue to be the favorite choice amongst brides in recent years. Next to white gold, diamonds appear brighter, more luminescent, and the clarity of the stone is deeply enhanced when the inner color of the diamond is not competing with the color of the band. While you will need to get white gold routinely cleaned and polished, the brilliant finish is well worth it. For the bride who wants the elegance of gold and the look of platinum, white gold is the perfect solution.

Rose Gold

Rose gold has also risen in popularity, particularly in the last decade, earning it a top spot as an engagement ring metal type. This alloy of gold and copper is often referred to as a modern metal and is actually stronger than both yellow and white gold. With the addition of the easily sourced copper, the metal is a sustainable option that is highly favored for the bride who wants to wear a stylish, romantic ring that does minimal damage to the world’s resources.


As one of the most unparalleled metals, platinum’s natural white hue has been a highly preferred engagement ring finish by many modern brides. Its permanence is significantly stronger than gold, making it more durable and long-lasting in terms of quality and shine. When paired with a stunning diamond, platinum’s opulence radiates through. The metal’s capability to maximize the brilliance of the center stone gives the appearance of a more radiant diamond.

Mixed Metal

Mixed metal engagement rings offer a variety of designs ranging from subtle rose gold details to bold, intertwining bands of different hues. Whether minimal or daring, these modern rings let brides express their unique personalities with an eye-catching design that stands out from the crowd. A mixed metal engagement ring will feel right at home on a bride, who appreciates color, innovation, and modern aesthetics.