Fashion Jewelry Care Tips from the Experts at Rogers Jewelry Co.

Over time, jewelry encounters different chemicals, such as acids and oils, that can contribute to its tarnishing. A jewelry piece’s metal type and how it was made can have varying effects on its appearance over the years. Learn how to extend the life of your jewelry and maintain its quality with our expert guide from the jewelers at Rogers Jewelry Co.

Tip 1: Keep It Dry

Jewelry that encounters liquids will increase the chance of discoloration. From the very air to the natural oils that the skin produces, there are thousands of ways for your jewelry to come into contact with moisture throughout the day. Remove all jewelry before cleaning your hands or body. When wearing perfume or lotion, wait for it to dry on the skin before putting anything on. Store all pieces in a dry, safe place that will encounter minimal moisture and humidity when not being worn.

Tip 2: Keep It Clean

Mild soap, warm water, and a soft brush or cloth are the best at-home remedies to cleaning most jewelry; however, it is important that you understand the materials. Some gemstones, like opal, turquoise, and topaz, can be adversely affected when exposed to heat. Likewise, extreme care needs to be taken when trying to remove stubborn pieces of dirt. Vigorous scrubbing can result in loose or chipped gemstones. In most cases, it is safer to take delicate gemstone jewelry to a professional to be cleaned.

Tip 3: Take It Off

Jewelry must always be the first thing taken off and the last thing put on when changing clothes. For example, long earrings and chain necklaces can easily become entangled when removing a shirt. This risks damaging the clothing, breaking the jewelry, or even harming yourself if you are not careful enough. Take the time to make sure that all jewelry accessories are removed before going to bed. Even something as simple as wearing a gold ring when sleeping can speed up the process of tarnishing.

Tip 4: Store It Properly

Moisture in the air deeply affects many jewelry pieces. The chemicals react to the precious metals, causing them to become dull and discolored. A common option is to place your jewelry in a Ziplock bag. Ensure that all air is removed before the bag is closed to prevent the effects of oxidation. For more protection, purchase 3M anti-tarnish strips. These little strips can be attached to the inside of your jewelry box, acting as a magnet to all the chemicals that tarnish jewelry.

Professional Jewelry Cleaning and Repair Services at Rogers Jewelry Co.

At Rogers Jewelry Co., we specialized in taking care of fashion jewelry pieces in the central California and Reno regions. Our jewelry repair services include jewelry cleaning, stone replacement, and clasp repair. Visit any of our California and Nevada jewelry stores to have a professional do the job for you.