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Rogers Jewelry Co. Offers Designer Jewelry to San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo is famous for its artistic heritage and exciting social attractions. Its residents know that great things come in small packages. At Rogers Jewelry Company, our mission is to bring you jewelry that conforms to that same saying. A lot of jewelry can go unnoticed in an ensemble, so we only carry designers that have jewelry worthy of being the main attraction. Every piece of jewelry in our extensive collection will maximize your look’s potential, turning heads to look in awe at your beauty. Our designer jewelry is the perfect choice for the San Luis Obispo resident looking to make a statement.

Designer Jewelry at Rogers Jewelry Co.

Hearts on Fire shares our burning passion for bringing San Luis Obispo residents master quality jewelry, and one look at their designs should tell you why. They have a rigorous selection process for choosing their diamonds, ensuring that only the best make it to their timeless designs. They use that dazzling quality to its fullest in each design, from bands littered with diamonds to centerpiece ones surrounded with elegant gold. Roberto Coin pays tribute to SLO’s artistic side, basing their designs on the Italian artisans that made them well known. Wearing Roberto Coin jewelry is akin to wearing a prized art piece, and is the perfect ensemble enhancer.

Fire and Ice is committed to the perfection of their jewelry throughout every step of the design process. Their intricate diamond cuts, which are the result of extensive research by the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society, ensure that each one is brighter and whiter than any other diamond. These diamonds are placed into making each piece blaze with unparalleled magnificence. Fire and Ice also offers a wide range of customization options, from the number of diamonds on your piece to the precious metals that adorn them. Their unbelievable quality makes Fire and Ice jewelry fit for a queen.

Why Shop for Designer Jewelry at Roger’s Jewelry Co. in San Luis Obispo 

San Luis Obispo deserves a class of jewelry that exceeds even the wildest of expectations. At Rogers Jewelry Company, we have an unwavering commitment to bring you the biggest and best selection of jewelry in the area at affordable prices. When you walk into our San Luis Obispo superstore, you will find luxury amenities like private viewing rooms and lounge areas that ensure that everyone gets the best treatment. Our highly trained staff will be able to guide you to choose the designer jewelry of your dreams, enhancing your look to the fullest. To get started, visit our superstore today or email contact@thinkrogers.com for more information.