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Rogers Jewelry Company Offers Designer Jewelry to Reno

While it may be one of the sunniest cities in the United States, Reno is far more than its reputation for nice weather. It is also a premier skiing hub as well as being the proud host of several sporting events every year. It is a fantastic place to live your life to the fullest - and look like the best version of yourself while doing it. At Rogers Jewelry Company, our vast collection of designer jewelry in Reno is designed to do just that. When you sport any of our designer jewelry, you will have the tools you need to maximize your look and take the thrill of Reno life head on.

Designer Jewelry at Rogers Jewelry Company

Our designers sport the same commitment to bringing Reno master class jewelry as we do, and it all centers around the intricate details that they put into every design. Fire & Ice jewelry infuses detail into every diamond, giving it a unique cut that makes each one shine brilliantly and fiercer than any other. Their method of diamond cutting is designed to maximize the amount of light taken in, giving their diamonds a much brighter and lustrous appearance. These diamonds adorn luxurious designs that give your look enough elegance to make any passerby think that you come from royalty.

Roberto Coin is the epitome of jewelry with a sharp attention to detail. Every one of their designs draws inspiration from multi-cultural experiences, including Coin’s hometown of Vicenza - the city of gold. They evoke each piece of jewelry with a beauty only found in true works of art, making them worthy of museum display. That passion is also met by Harry Kotlar’s collections, which combines the vintage beauty of its Italian ancestry with the bold and striking appeal of modern designs. The end result is a jewelry collection like no other - dazzling with artistic designs while being pioneers of cutting-edge innovation.

Why Shop for Designer Jewelry at Rogers Jewelry Company in Reno?

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about our collection of designer jewelry is how much variety we have in our pieces. Our designer jewelry collection is the most extensive in all of Reno, ensuring that any personality that walks through our doors will find a perfect match for them. Our customers will always be treated like royalty, having access to world-class amenities and a talented staff that can help you with every step of the shopping experience. To receive your luxury treatment and access to the highest quality jewelry available, visit our Reno superstore today or call (775)-851-8555 for more information.