Rogers Jewelry Co. Offers Designer Jewelry to Modesto 

Modesto residents know that fun and thrilling events are never more than a few steps away. It is an exciting place to live, with ample opportunities to be social. At Rogers Jewelry Company, we believe that the designer jewelry you wear should be as fun as Modesto’s social gatherings. That is why we are proud to bring you one of the most extensive collections of designer jewelry that the city has to offer. Women of all personalities will be able to find the perfect piece to maximize their look and grab the bull by the horns.

Designer Jewelry at Rogers Jewelry Co.

Rogers Jewelry Company believes in bringing you only the most reputable designers around that care as much about enhancing your look as you do. Fire and Ice is the pinnacle of gemstone perfection, as every diamond used has to meet the maximum standards of quality and shine to qualify. This gives every one of their pieces an unmatched shine that will make your look blaze beautifully. Each of their necklaces, rings, bracelets, and pendants tells a unique story that Modesto residents will be dying to hear about. Fire and Ice jewelry bring truth to the phrase “life of the party” when you sport their luxurious collections.

The designers we carry place an extreme emphasis on quality, and Hearts on Fire brilliantly represents this quality. Their diamonds carry the reputation of being the “World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond”, being utilized in a variety of styles that all share the same stunning glow. Their variety will give any woman the style they prefer, from nature-inspired to royal. Forevermark places that same emphasis on diamond quality while upholding a strong environmental commitment. Every diamond is responsibly sourced to prevent the destruction of natural habitats. When you wear a Forevermark diamond, you will know that you have nature’s best interest at heart.

Why Shop for Designer Jewelry at Roger’s Jewelry Co. in Modesto 

Rogers Jewelry Company is proud to bring the excitement of Modesto to its residents’ looks, only carrying designers that uphold a commitment to masterful quality. Our superior jewelry is only matched in quality by our customer service. You will receive luxurious treatment when you shop at our superstore, gaining exclusive access to private viewing rooms, computer design centers, and even cozy fireplaces. We treat you like family so you can leave our location with the perfect designer jewelry to take Modesto by storm. For more information regarding our products and services, visit our superstore or email us at