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Rogers Jewelry Co. Offers Designer Jewelry to Bakersfield 

If you are a Bakersfield resident, you know that it is home to a wide variety of social activities and fun things to do. To take full advantage of the social scene, you will want to look your best to become the center of attention in a crowd. At Rogers Jewelry Company, we are proud to offer you the perfect method of doing so: our extensive collection of designer jewelry. Every piece in our collection is an instant ensemble enhancer. Regardless of your personality type, every Bakersfield woman will be able to find the perfect jewelry to turn heads with.

Designer Jewelry at Rogers Jewelry Co.

The best designer jewelry consists of the highest quality precious gemstones in the world. Our Fire and Ice collection boasts diamonds that are brighter and whiter than any other, making your look burn brighter than Bakersfield’s city lights. The secret to their success is how precisely the diamonds are cut, with the goal of having the maximum level of clarity and light reflection in each one. These diamonds dazzle brilliantly in their earrings, rings, pendants, and necklaces. Other pieces fuse that perfection with distinguished hues of gold that make them fit for a queen.

If you want the luxe look of celebrities and famous singers with a much smaller price tag, look no further than the Harry Kotlar collection of designer jewelry. One look at their collection will tell you why they are so cherished; their combinations of precious metals make for elegant patterns that will have Bakersfield residents gaping in awe. The Roberto Coin collection is deeply rooted in its artistic heritage. You will not find a collection with more creative pieces, as each one can only be compared to the finest works of art. Daring innovation gave way to bold style choices that add an eloquent flair to any ensemble.

Why Shop for Designer Jewelry at Roger’s Jewelry Co. in Bakersfield

At Rogers Jewelry Company, we are deeply committed to bringing Bakersfield residents only the best that the designer jewelry world has to offer; not just in the designers we carry, but the luxurious customer service we provide. When you walk into our superstore, you will be treated as if you are part of our family, gaining access to private viewing rooms and exclusive amenities that will have you feeling like royalty before ever making a purchase. Our collections of designer jewelry will help you to look and feel your best, in addition to standing out from the crowd. For more information, visit our showroom or call 1-(800)-733-1874.