Custom Engraving Ideas

Jewelry and timepieces are sentimentally valuable for many people, holding memories of the special date when they received the piece or of the person who gave it to them. Custom engravings can give your pieces even more emotional significance. Our experts at Rogers Jewelry Co. have put together a guide to what to have engraved in your or a loved one’s treasured jewelry or luxury watch.

Name or Initials

Have your name or initials engraved on a piece to show ownership, and transform it into an instant heirloom. As you pass the jewelry or timepiece down through the generations, the new owner will always be reminded of the original wearer: you. Or, if you plan on gifting the piece to a close friend or romantic partner, you may even opt to have both initials engraved side by side as a symbol of your everlasting connection.

Lucky Number

For those that are superstitious, a lucky number is an ideal engraving option. “Angel numbers” have gained popularity in the world of fashion jewelry in recent years, characterized by three repeating numbers. They include numbers like “333” indicating that you are supported by spiritual guides, or “555” signifying that something new is on the horizon.

Significant Date

For those in committed romantic relationships, having your anniversary date or the day you first met or went on your first date is an excellent idea for custom engraving. Likewise, if you have children, you could choose to engrave their birth dates on a piece you often wear so you can always keep a symbol of them close to you.

Inside Joke

If you give an engraved piece as a gift to a friend or family member, choose a unique engraving option by picking something that reminds them of a funny memory or inside joke you share. Doing so is certain to bring a smile to their face whenever they think of you when they go to put the piece on.


For an accessory intended for one of your children, a romantic partner, or a close friend, engraving the pet name or nickname you have for them would be a delightfully special touch. An engraving like this will surely inspire warm feelings each time they see it, and they will surely think about the loving relationship between the two of you.

Have Pieces Custom Engraved at Rogers Jewelry Co.

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