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Jewelry Problems that Require Repairs

High-quality, luxury jewelry is built to retain its beauty and shape for years to come. Designers craft pieces out of top-tier materials and gems that dazzle and impress, but this doesn’t mean they are impervious to damage. On the unfortunate occasion that one of your treasured accessories is broken, blemished, or dinged, it's important to have a jewelry repair specialist in your corner. Our team at Rogers Jewelry Co. has put together a guide to some of the most common jewelry issues that will require professional care.

Ring Resizing

One of the most common jewelry services professionals perform is ring resizing. Whether one of your favorite rings has grown too tight or too loose, or a piece you were gifted needs to fit, any experienced jeweler should be able to provide a resizing with ease. The cost and amount of time it may take for this service to be completed will depend on the type of metal the ring is forged in, the complexity of the setting and metalwork, and the degree of size change you require.

Re-tipping or Replacing Prongs

Prongs are an iconic stone setting characterized by tiny spokes of metal that hold gems secure. They are sought after because they allow the most surface area of the gem to remain visible. Prongs have a delicate nature, which means they are prone to breakage. If you find that one or multiple prongs have been broken or warped on a piece of your jewelry, take it to a jeweler as soon as possible to ensure you don’t lose your valuable stone. If only the top of the prong has been broken, your jeweler can solder a new tip onto it.

Replace a Stone

Stone replacement may be required when a gem is lost or damaged. Perhaps you have found a larger gem or one of a different color or higher value that you would rather have featured in your accessory. The level of difficulty this will present to a jeweler will be determined by the type of setting, the size difference of the new stone, and whether or not the gem is the same shape as the previous one. A professional jeweler will be able to ease you through this process with efficiency.

Replacing Chains or Clasps

Delicate chains are beautiful and versatile, but their diminutive links and clasps can be easily broken or damaged. Luckily, any experienced jeweler can solder chain links that are separated or broken, or even replace them if necessary. Clasps are a bit more difficult, as some can feature complicated mechanisms. However, if a clasp is beyond repair, your jewelry will likely have a new one on hand they can simply replace it with. You may even find that a simpler, more user-friendly clasp is preferable to your pieces’ original mechanism.

Changing Earring Posts

An earring’s “post” refers to the piece of metal that threads through the ear of the wearer, securing the earring in place. There are a number of reasons why one might need to have an earring post replaced. For instance, the earlobes can be very sensitive to certain types of metals so you may want to have your earring posts changed to a hypoallergenic metal. You will also need an earring post replacement if a post is broken or bent.

Have Jewelry Repaired at Rogers Jewelry Co.

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