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Broken Rings

Whether for bridal or fashion purposes, it is essential to keep your rings looking their best. There are plenty of threats that endanger these glamorous accessories. It can be easy to damage them, especially if they are worn often. Tarnishing, scratches and broken parts are common occurrences. Luckily, jewelers offer a myriad of ways to fix them. At Rogers Jewelry Co., we employ a carefully chosen team of experts with the training and skills required to repair all of your jewelry. No matter your issues, we will work with you to ensure your jewelry is dazzling and gorgeous.

What Can Lead to a Broken Ring?

Jewelry may be made of robust metals and enduring gemstones, but it is still delicate. Rings and other fine accessories are slender with small, fragile parts, like prongs. The three biggest threats are heat, humidity, and gravity. The metal can subtly warp and change sizes if the piece is left out in the heat. Because every ring part is carefully designed to exact specifications, this is detrimental to your treasures. Humidity causes corrosion and subsequent tarnishing, which dulls gemstones and precious metals' rich color. Gravity - i.e., dropping jewelry - often causes dents and scratches. If a prong breaks, it can even cause loose or lost gems.

How to Fix a Broken Ring

To satisfy their customer's every need, many jewelers employ goldsmiths, gemologists, and other experts to offer repair services. If a prong snaps, we can replace it. If a surface becomes covered in scratches, we have many methods to gently remove them. Did your center diamond escape from its setting? Our team can remount it. We can also fix channel settings and re-dip white gold pieces, ensuring that every ring remains in its most lustrous and beautiful state. Also, our team does not just fix jewelry - they can create it, too. Design your own ring with our staff, and they will work with you to create truly marvelous jewelry.

Trust Rogers to Fix Broken Rings

Discover the best services and selection at Rogers Jewelry Co. Our talented experts are more than qualified to repair and maintain all of your jewelry, whether it is a romantic engagement ring or a luxurious necklace. Find incredible engagement and fashion rings at all of our showrooms, whether you are located in Modesto, San Luis Obispo, Folsom, Fresno, Bakersfield, or Elk Grove in California. We also have a store in Reno, Nevada. Every location offers extraordinary things for our visitors. For decades, we have been purveyors of fine accessories. Contact us at a showroom near you to repair your favorite treasures.