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California and Reno’s Best Engagement Ring Jewelry Store

The West Coast is known for its sweeping, dramatic landscapes and diverse cultures. As the third-largest state in the country, California spans a great distance and has many different environments and sceneries to enjoy. Nevada is home to America’s playground, and Reno is known as “The Biggest Little City in the World.” Each state understands luxury, and we are honored to have Roger Jewelry Co. stores throughout Central California and Reno. Our impressive selection of engagement rings will be a fantastic way to propose to the love of your life.

Engagement Rings at Rogers Jewelry Co. in California and Reno

There are several engagement ring designers that make incredible rings that will be lovely to propose within California or Reno. We house several incredible bridal jewelry makers that will be great for many aesthetics. A.JAFFE has a legacy over 120 years old based on creating exceptional pieces of jewelry that will truly stun. Every engagement ring by this brand has over 80 hours of careful work attributed to it. With the world’s first branded diamond, Hearts On Fire makes unique engagement rings that will be lovely additions to your bridal stack. Minimalist or ornate, this brand makes luxury rings for everyone.

The beautiful people who visit and live in California and Nevada may consider incorporating these gorgeous locations into their proposal. We are here to make sure that luxury is always within your reach. Engagement rings by Sylvie go through a rigorous 150-point quality control process to ensure every detail is as it should be. Sustainable and beautiful, these rings are elegant and uncompromising in their luxury. 

Rogers Jewelry Co. is California and Reno’s Premier Jeweler

Explore our beautiful selection of engagement rings available at each of our Rogers Jewelry Co. locations. With showrooms across Central California and Reno, Nevada, we are sure that one of our jewelry stores near you will have the ring with which you will begin the next chapter of your personal love story. Our professional team will happily answer your questions as they guide you through the different collections of engagement rings that we house. We can also create a custom-designed engagement ring based on your ideas to fully define the ring in a completely unique way.