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Aquamarine Jewelry at Rogers Jewelry Company

The History of the Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a jewel that’s been treasured since before recorded history. Ancient Egyptians and Sumerians believed that the cool baywater blue of the jewel was connected to youth and rejuvenation, leading to it being found in the treasures of these ancient peoples’ burial sites. The Romans associated it with sailors and calm seas—giving it the name “aqua marina,” or “water of the sea.” This association between the robin’s egg blue of aquamarine and the ocean continued through the Middle Ages and to today, where modern spiritualists link the gemstone to the purity, purification, and emotional renewal that come with cool, placid water.

Qualities of Aquamarine

On a chemical level, aquamarine is a crystal made from aluminum, beryllium, and silicon dioxide. This makes it part of what’s known as the beryl family, putting it in the same company as emerald, red beryl, and morganite. The distinction that gives aquamarine its lovely pale blue color is the presence of iron molecules in its atomic lattice. This combination of molecules makes aquamarine very durable too, placing it at 7 or 8 on the Mohs scale (diamond is a natural 10, for reference). If you’re looking for a piece of aquamarine jewelry, you’ll find a gem that’s both lovely and robust.

Aquamarine Jewelry

Because aquamarine is a mid-priced gemstone, it’s an ideal choice when you want a piece of jewelry with a big, bold jewel. If you’re shopping for a piece of jewelry for your favorite March person, a bold fashion ring set with an emerald-cut aquamarine may be an ideal and affordable choice! Alternately, a single piece of aquamarine can be cut into dozens of smaller stones and fit into a dazzling necklace, paired with diamonds and contrasting colors—such as the bold fiery red of ruby or the rich violet of amethyst. The sky’s the limit when it comes to this oceanic gemstone.

Why Should I Shop for Aquamarine and Other Gemstone Jewelry at Rogers Jewelry Co.?

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