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All About the Round Cut 

The round cut diamond reflects the most light out of any other diamond cut, which is likely the reason it remains the most popular choice for engagement rings every year. When thinking of a quintessential diamond ring, it is often the round cut that comes to mind. Diamond cutters have perfected this technical cut for over a hundred years, creating the exceptional 58 facet cut known today. Because each facet is uniform and symmetrical, almost all light that enters the diamond is returned, making it the ideal cut for those that want a higher percentage of brilliance.

History of the Round Cut Diamond

One of the oldest styles of cuts, round cut diamonds have a long history in diamond jewelry. For centuries artisans chased after the ideal cut that could give them the most sparkle. Still, the technology to create a perfect round was not invented until 1919 when a man named Marcel Tolkowsky published his thesis “Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond.” In his paper, he maintained that his mathematical formula could create the most proportionally cut facets for diamonds. With technology improving over the years, his formula has been proven correct, with the current round cut diamond being the culmination of hundreds of years of work. 

Why Choose a Round Cut Ring?

The timeless style of the round cut ring has made it an enduring choice for engagement rings. The brilliance of the cut is unmatched, but the versatility of the diamond is another benefit, as this shape will often seamlessly fit into any kind of engagement ring style. For a sure-fire win, combine the classic round diamond with the solitaire setting, to show off the sparkle without any distractions. Other popular round cut ring settings include halos, split shanks, and cathedral settings to lift the stone into the spotlight. While a favorite amongst many, celebrities like Natalie Portman and Emily Blunt also appreciate the diamonds beautiful nature and have chosen this shape for their forever ring.

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