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All About the Princess Cut

The princess cut diamond is the second most popular diamond cut after the round brilliant. Favored for its distinctive squared shape, the princess cut stands apart from common curved diamonds. Also referred to as the “square modified brilliant,” this diamond creates a luminous sparkle that combines both light and dark elements to create contrast. The princess cut’s brilliance is created from up to 76 small facets. When viewed from above the diamond has a rectangular shape and resembles an inverted pyramid from the side. Princess cut engagement rings are a fresh modern twist on a treasured classic, embodying a geometric feel that is equally feminine. 

History of the Princess Cut Diamond

Marked by innovation and evolution the diamond trade industry continues to advance its processes. While the princess cut diamond progressed from the French cut, many historians believe its use began in the 1960s and became widely embraced by the 1980s. Reminiscent of the 1920s Art Deco period, the princess cut diamond takes after the square-shaped colored gems of the era. The current princess cut diamonds on the market are more extravagant than their predecessors due to diamond cutters’ improved sharpness on facet cuts. Additionally, the diamond we all love today was crafted by Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz in 1980 and provides several advantages.

Why Choose a Princess Cut Ring?

Princess cut diamond rings reign supreme. Crisp angles and clean lines contribute to their iconic status. Daring and full of brilliance, the princess cut ring dazzles and charms all with its feminine glamour. Just as sparkling as the round brilliant, the cut's modern allure is perfect for chic trendsetters. Make a statement with the combination of a halo silhouette housing a princess cut diamond or opt for a solitaire ring to highlight its unique shape. Adored by celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Hilary Duff, this modern diamond cut is best for those who seek maximum sparkle and shine.

Find Your Princess Cut Ring at Rogers Jewelry Co.

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