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All About The Oval Cut

All About the Oval Cut 

One of the more unique diamond shapes, the oval cut features a distinctive elongated shape. This modified brilliant cut offers a greater surface area than a round diamond, creating an exquisite sparkle. Without any sharp corners, the oval cut diamond is less prone to chipping and more durable than others. To create the cut, craftsmen utilize a specific length to width ratio, which is the length divided by the width. A larger ratio results in a tall slender oval, while a wide, more rounded oval is created with a smaller length to width ratio.

History of the Oval Cut Diamond

A wonderful cut, adored by many, the oval cut diamond we love today was created in the late 1950s. While the first known cut can be traced down to as early as 1304, Russian diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan perfected the process in 1957. Improving the look of an undesirable rigid stone, Kaplan significantly refined the oval diamond's overall brilliance. The cut is remarkably one of the most popular diamond shapes. Noteworthy oval cut diamonds include the Koh-i-Noor and Princess Diana’s 12K sapphire. Truly iconic, the oval cut diamond is ideal for those seeking a glamorous look.

Why Choose an Oval Cut Ring?

The oval cut diamond looks larger than other diamond shapes and has multiple advantages. For those seeking maximum brilliance but prefer a more unique feel, look no further than the oval cut diamond ring. Remarkably beautiful, this diamond's elongated shape offers the appearance of slimmer fingers. Additionally, rings featuring an oval diamond are used in both vintage and modern designs alike. Enhance the antique aesthetic by choosing warm rose gold in a feminine twisting silhouette. A stunning choice, an oval cut engagement ring looks exceptional as a solitaire or with accent stones. 

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