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All About the Emerald Cut

Diamonds come in a variety of cuts and one of the most exquisite is the emerald cut, often selected as the cut of choice in engagement rings due to its beauty and elegance. The emerald cut diamond is easily distinguished by its rectangular shape with elongated surfaces. These long, parallel facets create a striking radiance when the light reflects off the surface. The cut is common in diamonds but is ideal for gemstones with deep colors such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. The elongated facets add depth and make the emerald cut diamond appear larger.

History of the Emerald Cut Diamond

The emerald cut diamond is one of the oldest known cuts with its origins dating back to the 1500s when it was originally known as the table cut. This seemingly simple cut was originally favored in emeralds but was quickly adopted for use with other gemstones due to the strength of the cut which helps to reduce the risk of chipping and cracking of the stone. As the cut was adopted by diamond cutters, it became evident that this strong cut not only reduces pressure on the stone but enhances the stone’s clarity. This sophisticated cut continued to gain popularity, reaching its peak in the 1940s after the art deco period brought clean lines and symmetry to the forefront of fashion.

Why Choose an Emerald Cut Ring?

The emerald cut is an optimal choice when selecting a center stone for a ring. With 58 facets, emerald cut stones are known for their “hall of mirrors'' effect, allowing for maximum reflection of light. Emerald cut rings are ideal for any woman with a vintage style that favors clean, classic lines. Despite the simplicity of the cut, it is very rare with only 3% of the world’s diamonds meeting the criteria. It is this limited supply combined with the sophistication, and its ability to make the hands and fingers appear longer and more slender, that are the reasons for this being a popular diamond cut. 

Find Your Emerald Cut Ring at Rogers Jewelry Co.

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