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All About the Cushion Cut 

The cushion cut diamond has a timeless pillow-shaped form featuring large facets that maximize radiance and rounded corners that bring a soft romantic essence to any ring. Cushion cut diamonds retain their natural color better than many other cuts, therefore most colorful stones are cut as a cushion. Long sought after for its enduring heir of sophistication, the cushion cut diamond remains the third most popular diamond shape. The modern scintillation facet placement creates an explosion of sparkle achieved with small, closely placed facets, while the vintage placement emits a big flash of brilliance with large facets on top and bottom of the stone.  

History of the Cushion Cut Diamond

Originating as far back as the 19th century, the cushion cut diamond was originally referred to as the mine cut. It was a square shape with rounded corners that consisted of 58 facets. The current cushion cut has evolved and now features 64 facets that produce breathtaking vivacity. Many of the world's largest and most iconic diamonds happen to be cushion cut, including the Hope Diamond and the yellow Tiffany Diamond. The cushion cut was so popular in the nineteenth century that most stones of that era were cut in this shape.

Why Choose a Cushion Cut Ring?

The cushion cut's soft and elegant appearance is as versatile as it is gorgeous. The flawless cut beams brightly in a solitaire, halo, or side stone setting. Large facets allow for more optimal light to peek through these brilliant stones casting an eye-catching glow every time. Particularly popular in antique-style settings, these classic beauties will elevate any piece to heirloom quality sure to be cherished for generations. The cushion cut diamond is still growing in popularity every day with celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Miley Cyrus, and Meghan Markle opting for a cushion cut engagement ring

Find Your Cushion Cut Ring at Rogers Jewelry Co.

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