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All About the Asscher Cut 

One of the most important decisions when choosing a ring is the cut of the stone. The stunning Asscher cut, with its architectural lines and romantic appeal, is one that is sure to be a smart choice. This geometric, square-shaped cut is a combination of the emerald cut and princess cut, with long facets running from clipped corners to the center culet, creating an “X” when viewed from above. It is this extraordinary design that gives an Asscher cut ring a unique look that is reminiscent of a hall of mirrors, adding dazzling depth to the diamond.   

History of the Asscher Cut Diamond

The history of the Asscher cut diamond dates back to 1902 when creator Joseph Asscher modified the emerald cut to produce a stone that reflects more of the inner beauty of a raw diamond. By the 1920s the cut had reached peak popularity and became synonymous with the Art Deco era. It is perhaps this association that leads fans of the Asscher cut to consider it a vintage, amorous cut. The original Asscher cut, which consisted of 58 facets, eventually led to the Royal Asscher cut with a stunning 78 facets, resulting in an even more brilliant diamond.

Why Choose an Asscher Cut Ring?

Asscher cut rings are ideal for anyone who prefers a vintage aesthetic. Its clean edges and large facets are also ideal for the bride-to-be who values balance and order. With their elegant step-cut silhouettes, Asscher cut diamonds have a striking visual appeal that draws attention to the ring and holds it with the mesmerizing richness of the stone that the cut reveals. This beautiful cut looks sophisticated, glamorous, and pairs well with many engagement ring styles such as solitaire and three stone rings. With generations of celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Zooey Deschanel sporting Asscher cut engagement rings, it is clear that this stone cut stands the test of time.

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